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Download Yes Movies App for Android [2017]

We are living in an era of technological innovation which has simplified our lives. Today everything has gone mobile and all of it is available at the click of a button. With the help of a smartphone and internet connection, you can roam the world in a wink of an eye. This brings me to introduce you to the YES movies app. We all love to watch movies and they are a great source of entertainment. Today, we have a number of apps which help you surf through various movie channels and television shows. From listening music and watching shows to downloading the films, the apps are a great way to kill time.

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Download Yes Movies App

YES Movie App Overview

The YES movie app is a marvel when it comes to the apps that let you watch TV shows and movies online. The app has a user-friendly interface which helps you search your favorite shows and movies. Moreover, it is light on CPU and RAM and is very is easy to use.

What features does YES APK offer?

The app is unique, it lets you enjoy movies and shows free of cost, there are many other features which making it a perfect app for watching films-

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  • The application has videos in high definition, making your videos crystal clear.
  • You can easily shuffle videos as per your choice.
  • You can prepare your wish list, add your favorite videos and enjoy them.
  • The videos on YES apk have various options like you can stretch feature which helps you to expand video up to 500 % zoom. You fit the video to the center of the screen. You can also choose 100% resolution of the videos you wish to watch.
  • The app has a rich collection of content in terms of movies of all genres and categories which has made it a great hit amongst its users.
  • This app is not available on Play Store which is not a good news but, I have compiled here a few steps that will help you download the app easily on your Android device. So, don’t have to wait for any further and let’s get started.

How To Download & Install YES Movie App

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  • You need to download the Apk file as the android makes use of Apk files to download
  • You need to download this app from third-party source as it is not available on Play Store.
  • To download, the apk, click on this link –
  • Since it’s a third party download, you need to go to the settings section of your Android device and then go to the security section and enable the third party download.
  • Once you have changed the settings, you can start downloading the apk from the link.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the file and install t on your device.
  • Once the installation is done, you can click on the icon and enjoy watching films online.

I hope you have found this information useful. Don’t forget to download the app and leave your feedback.

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Updated: October 12, 2017 — 8:32 am

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