Wookie Wizard Not Working |How To Fix? [Easy Solution]

Wookie Wizard is one of the most popular Add-Ons for KODI available on the internet. During the phase when add-ons like Exodus fail to connect to the server due to downtime, it is Woozie Wizard which takes the replacement and provides entertainment. However, lately we have been getting queries from users who claim that even Woozie Wizard is not working at times and it becomes difficult to proceed. We have figured out that the issue of wookie wizard not working can be easily solved by following simple guidelines. So let us discuss what those guidelines are.

Fix wookie wizard not working

Method 1: Solving Wookie Wizard Not Working

Most of the errors which are generated in Kodi Add Ons stem from one root. Cache! Yes, it is hard to believe but such a simple thing can fix most of the errors in Kodi. It would be good practice in fact to clear the cache regularly. You would find easily how the rates of errors while using KODi reduces. Anyways, let me show you how you can clear the cache and get rid of the Wookie Wizard not working error.

  1. Open KODI.
  2. Go to the Wookie Wizard add on.
  3. In the Menu, select Clear Cache.
  4. Once the cache is cleared, start the Wookie Wizard again.
  5. Enjoy!

Method 2: Solving Wookie Wizard Not Working

I’m pretty much sure that clearing the cache would work in most of the cases. But for whom it did not work, there’s another way around. However, this would be a long procedure as we will fix things on the way while reinstalling the Wookie Wizard. So make sure you don’t loose focus and stick to the steps to solve wookie wizard not working. Let’s begin.

  1. Open KODI & go to Settings.
  2. In others, open More Settings.
  3. Select Apps, and then KODI.
  4. Click on Force Stop.
  5. Now select Clear Data & once it is done, click OK.
  6. At this point, data & cache both are cleared.
  7. Now go to Homescreen on KODI.
  8. In System, open File Manager.
  9. Move on to Add Source.
  10. Enter this URL “http://wookiespmc.com/wiz/”& hit Done.
  11. Give a name to the source, probably “Wookie”.
  12. Again in Systems, open Add Ons.
  13. Select Install From ZIP.
  14. From the list, select Wookie.
  15. Once the Add-On is enabled, go to Videos from Kodi Homescreen.
  16. Click on Add Ons, & then Wookie.
  17. There will be different versions of Wookie, select Wookie Lite.
  18. Click in Install.
  19. You’ll get the notification when installation is completed.
  20. Once done, reboot Kodi.
  21. Now start Wookie Wizard 2019.
  22. Enjoy!

I bet this will surely kickstart Wookie Wizard & you’ll be able to use it again. God forbid, this even this doesn’t solves the issue, then we’re looking at a doomsday. Yes, my friend, Wookie Wizard servers are facing serious issue. In this case, all you can do is find a good alternative of Wookie Wizard & get over it. Cheers!

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