Windows 95 as an application can install on Windows, MacOS, Linux

Windows 95 : In the current scenario, PCs have become very common set up due to the growth when it comes to the internet communication technology. Also, one should keep it in mind that during the period of the 90s, thus the things now were different from today. In this period, thus the program is mainly ensured that the experience with machines gone well was considered to be the Windows 95. For your information, therefore the Windows 95 was favorite OS boosting up the PCs during the time.

Windows 95s Comeback

Windows 95
Windows 95








Now, most of them may feel these first experiences when it comes to these machines. As per the fact, thus the Operating System is not only said to be the popular ones among the users. Also, it was popular with the company which ends the entire support after the six years journey successfully. After so many years of its dismantling, it is the time for you to experience the nostalgic feel. Yes, Windows 95 is getting ready to give its amazing comeback on PCs. Thus the comeback of Windows 95 for this time as an application is going to excite the people for sure.

Allow users to download: According to the recent sources, thus the developer shared a link of Windows 95 to download. If you are looking for getting the real experience of Windows 95, then this is the right time for the people to make use of it on their present computers.

Windows 95 App version Features

  • For your information, thus the application version of Windows 95 comes up with classic applications as well as games.
  • Also, one can experience the classic stuff like Phone dialer, solitaire, MS Paint and more nostalgic giving applications featured in it to offer.
  • It is simple to download the file by visiting the trustable sites and run the application on Windows OS, MacOS and Linux as per the convenience.

Not an official application

Most of them aren’t aware of the Windows 95 application which has been developed using Electron. Thus the GitHub project is mainly allowing the developers in terms of creating the application with the help of programming languages. One should keep it in mind that this is not an official application to download. However, when it comes to usage, it will be going to offer the best thing than expected for sure.

It is the crucial thing to know that the Windows 95 is not the first time getting back but the developers have developed a specialized version of this Windows 95 and then they got the OS which is running on the Xbox one, smart watch and Apple watch interestingly.


People are very much excited about Windows 95 app to use on their PCs but this time as an application. It is going to bring out your nostalgic feel of the first-time usage on your PC for sure. However, it also mainly comes up with various features which are going to offer the best of Windows 95. All you need to do is finding the file and download it for further usage

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