Solution for Windows 10 update Stuck at 90%

In the current scenario, we could see that millions of people are shifting towards Windows 10 to get better user experience. Well, it is also becoming a trend among the people that most of them have started to utilize it. However, when it comes to updating, the users are struggling. Yes, people are getting annoyed after seeing windows 10 update stuck often. One should keep it in mind that it has the potential where you can sort it out with the support of the internet without any difficulties.

Windows 10 upgrade stuck

Usually, most of the time, Windows are updating in the background until you do your process of shutdown. But the thing still you can experience the stuck while updating and yes it is the fact would you believe it? However, it does not happen all the time. In case, if it happens, then it is essential for you to sort out with the right solution without missing it. To check other problem with solutions, follow here.

What is the next step?

If you started following the issue like windows 10 update stuck, then it is important for you to check any error codes or error messages appeared. However, this thing will be helpful in terms of finding the exact reasons and makes you bring the right solutions in a quick time. In case, if you are still feeling difficult to know about the solid reasons and seeking for a right solution to utilize it, then the below-mentioned solutions would be helpful to you for sure.

So, before getting into the process to get a solution for windows updates stuck, it is mainly required to have patience. Some users may spend a couple of hours to complete the updates, but when seeing the updates getting stuck at 90%, then it will make them feel bad. Here we are going to have a discussion about different methods to get a solution. Hope they are helpful to you.

Method 1: Quick fix batch file

Looking for a solution for windows 10 update problems? Then this is one of the methods that help to get a solution for Windows update if it stuck. Let’s follow the steps mentioned here without skipping it.

  • First of all, you need to open your Notepad and make sure to paste the italicised text mentioned below.
  • Now, it is necessary to save the file as Fix.bat. You can even save it directly in the desktop for easy process in future.
  • After the above process is completed, you need to do right-click over the file which is located on the desktop and make sure to select option Run as Administrator.
  • Once the process is done, you can now restart and run the Windows Update.

Method 2: System Restore

  • During the time of Windows update, if you see that stuck almost in the end, then you can go ahead with the process of System Restore. Well, this thing will help revert the PC.
  • In order to access the system restore, it is important for you to type System restore which is in the available search bar.
  • Now, make sure to select “Create a restore point” which will be helpful in terms of system protection that is in the system properties window.
  • By just following the system restore, in order to revert, you can pick the proper point.
  • After getting back to restore point, you can follow further to install the updates in a normal way.

Method 3: Update troubleshooter

  • This method would be helping in terms of detecting the problems automatically and it will take few minutes for completing the process.
  • Once the downloading process of troubleshooter is done, then proceed further to click the Advanced settings and where you can find an option “Apply repairs Automatically”.
  • You can now run the troubleshooter. Hopefully, this process will sort out the issue and get back the windows update from stuck into a normal track.


So, people who all are struggling to get the solutions for windows 10 update stuck, and then they can follow the methods mentioned above without skipping it. Hopefully, they are helpful for all the seekers and start to work on the smoother process of Windows 10 upgrade. As per your convenience, you can choose any of the methods and get a solution for the issue that you are facing.

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