Wifi kill for PC Disable Wi-Fi to other users on Windows 7/8/10

Wifi kill for PC is a software utility which is used to block the other users from using your internet connection. Sometimes you may be browsing using your internet connection and there are chances of sudden reduction in your network speed. This may be possible if several users are using the same internet connection. Here we have found a way to disable internet connection used by others, while we still remain connected to the same network using this Wifikill for PC.

Wifikill for PC

Here we are going to have a discussion about WiFi kill for PC. Hope the installation process will be helpful for all the seekers that who all are looking for a long time. If you follow the discussion below, then there is a chance to know in deep about Wi-Fi Kill on PC at any time.

Features of Netcut WiFi Kill

For information, Netcut Wi-Fi Kill is mainly comes up with different and exciting features. Well, you can get an opportunity to check IP address and more. Let’s have a look at some of the features below.

Scan the connected devices:

It is possible for you to scan the connected devices using IP address. So, whenever the device is connect, then it is easy for the users to check out the connected ones. It will be helpful to disable the other connections easily.

Easy to get all connected devices:

Well, it is simple for the users to find all the connected devices. With just simple click, you can get an opportunity to use this feature.

Safe to access:

It is absolutely safe for the users to access on PC. Well, most of the people are thinking about it safety. So, if you are the one who don’t have aware of it, then keep it in mind that this application is safe to use.

Check data usage:

Using this software, the user can check the data usage of any devices which are connected. So, people who all are connected to your device for Wi-Fi connection, then it will be easy for you to check data usage by other devices.  

Wi-Fi kill app for PC

Wifi kill for PC has come in the form of an APK file and is available for download through trusted websites. Further, this app helps by scanning the network of the user and by detecting the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Additionally, this app discloses the information about the unwanted usage of the user’s private internet connection. Finally, once the scanning is completed, the user can opt to kill all the connected devices or kill any particular connected device too using the same network.

Installation procedure for Wi-Fi kill app

  • To run the WiFi kill for PC, the user has to download an Android emulator corresponding to their device. BlueStacks is an example for an Android emulator.
  • After downloading the Android emulator, run the setup in the PC and allow the installation to complete.
  • Open the Android emulator and the search for the Wi-Fi kill app and find the required version needed.
  • Click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete
  • Open the Wi-Fi kill app from your Android emulator and allow it to scan.
  • This app requires internet connection to provide basic details about the other connected users using the same network.

The main disadvantage with the above app is that it requires the Android phone to be rooted for its working. This can be prevented by using netcut for pc.

Wifikill for windows PC

Necessary Requirements to use Netcut Wi-Fi for PC

If you are planning to download, and then make sure to check that what are the requirements need to be followed. However, it doesn’t require any heavy and necessary ones. Well, it is also easy for you to use netcut on Windows PC.  Let’s have a look at some of the main requirements which are discussed below.

  • Any version of Windows OS on your OC
  • Get the software Wi-Fi for PC
  • The devices should be connected to Wi-Fi connection which you want to kill it. Keep it in mind that you cannot able to kill the connection which is connected to other one.

Netcut Wi-Fi kill for PC download

Netcut is a software utility available for windows to kill any Wi-Fi connection in a specific connected device. Further this netcut pc is available to run on windows 7, windows 8. Along with this netcut Wi-Fi killer windows 10 software is also available. Netcut makes use of a spoofing technique called as ARP. ARP stands for address resolution protocol and is an example of stateless protocol. Actually, the netcut as such maps the IP address of the user using this software, with the other falsifying user who is using the same internet connection. Ideally this diverts all the traffic which is flowing to the opponent to flow towards the user using the netcut.

Netcut pc – Installation procedure and usage steps

  • The user does netcut Wi-Fi kill for PC download from a trusted source based on the system version.
  • Run the setup and finally install the netcut software in the drive as needed.
  • Restart the PC and open the netcut software

Netcut will now scan all the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi. You can now see the IP address with hostname and also the physical address of the devices connected under the same Wifi connection. The user can now further choose to cut off any of the devices by choosing any particular IP address and clicking on cut off button. Finally once done the blue icon for the selected IP address will get converted into red color thereby confirming that the device has lost its connectivity. The user can restore the internet connectivity by selecting that particular device and clicking the resume button.

Final words

The above Wifi kill for PC application to kill Wi-Fi connectivity in other devices is encouraged to be used only in any private or local network and should not be tried over public Wi-Fi connections. The above steps helps in providing insights about Wi-Fi killer for PC along with download netcut for pc.

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