TnTdrama com activate on Roku, Xbox & FireStick [2020]

Nowadays most of our favourite video contents are available in TV streaming devices like firestick, Xbox, Android TV, Amazon fire TV or Roku. Before exchanging our views regarding TnTdrama com activate on Roku, Xbox and Firestick (2020), let us get some insight on TNT drama. TNT stands for Turner network television which is a cable and satellite television network broadcasted in America. Television series and feature movies are the major programs broadcasted in the channel. Moreover professional sports events like NBA basketball game and also PGA golf are generally broadcasted. Additionally,  there are around 12 sister channels namely TBS, CNN, cartoon Network, Adult Swim, HLN,  NBA TV,  HBO, boomerang, turner classic movies, TruTV and TheCW associated with them.

Tntdrama activate

For instance, entertainment website like TnTdrama mainly comes with over 180 channels in around 34 languages by presenting around 46 brands in over 200 countries. Further, TnTdrama has coverage in countries like Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and also in middle East with provision to watch free channels and also pay TV channels. In addition to that, users can watch live events, TV shows and also documentaries from the TV cable provider.

Presently TnTdrama has launched the activate, which helps in linking the TNT drama account with devices like Roku , Xbox, Android TV and even Apple TV. Let us now ponder into the details of how to TnTdrama com activate on Roku , Xbox and Firestick( 2020).

TNT drama com activate in Roku  

Most users use Roku media player for streaming videos. Here are the few steps to activate TnT in Roku media player.

  • Connect Roku media player with their TV by using a USB cable and provide power supply to both Roku device and TV.
  • Next, download and then install TnTdrama app on Roku device.
  • Now click on the TNT drama app. Further, using the Roku remote control, try navigating to the settings icon.
  • Click on Activate your device button and make note of the activation code of Roku displayed on the TV.
  • Go to through your web browser and provide your login details of Roku.
  • Additionally select the TV provider from the drop down box.
  • Enter the activation code which was already noted by the user on the TnTdrama activation text box and click on the submit button.
  • Finally, if a success message is received, then TnTdrama activate on Roku is done. 

TNT drama com activate in Xbox

Xbox one and Xbox 360 are the leading gaming consoles available in the market. Presently the users can also activate tntdrama in Xbox devices. Moreover, Activation steps of the tntdrama in Xbox devices are as follows.

  • Attach any one of your Xbox device may be Xbox one or Xbox 360 to your TV and provide power supply to both devices.Step 2 – Download the TnTdrama app on the Xbox device and further install it.
  • Now in this app click on the gear settings icon by navigation. Click on Activate your device option and choose TNTdrama. Xbox gaming console will now provide an activation code on the TV screen.
  • Next, visit the site using any web browser of your choice. Select Xbox as your streaming device that enter the activation code which was displayed on the TV screen earlier.
  • At last, on activation, a success message pops out of the Xbox device. Users can now relish watching TNT drama contents on Xbox.

Ways to TNT drama com activate in Fire TV or Firestick

The major difference between Amazon Fire TV and Firestick is just the size. Both fire TV and fire stick are TV streaming devices launched by Amazon. Firstly the Firestick is a streaming device that is about two times the size of usb drive. This can be connected to the HDMI port present on the back of your TV. Secondly the fire stick comes with a remote for its operaton. On the other hand, the fire TV is quite bigger. It comes with an additional Ethernet port to provide internet connections and also an optical audio to connect the box with an external stereo system.

Here are the steps to activate TNT drama in firestick.

Like other TV streaming devices Amazon fire stick can also provide connection with TnTdrama to stream videos. Step 1 and 2 are quite similar to activation of TNT in Xbox and Roku namely,

  • Firstly connect TV with Firestick and switch on both of them.
  • Secondly go to Amazon app store and ID download TnTdrama app on to your Amazon fire stick.
  • Reach the settings of TnTdrama application and select activate your device button.
  • Goto tntdrama/activate site using any web browser and provide your login credentials for your Firestick.
  • Enter the activation code which was displayed on the TV screen in the web browser to help them pair each other.
  • The TnTdrama activate fire TV is thus done once the success message pops out in your device. 


Moreover, with the increased technology, watching the contents of the TnTdrama has become quite easy in streaming devices like Roku, Xbox and Firestick. Besides the TnTdrama com activate on Roku , Xbox and Firestick (2020), activation can also be done in devices like Android TV and Apple TV also. Furthermore, all the above features provide numerous options for the users to enjoy TnT drama contents.

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