Summertime Saga Apk New Version Updates (V0.16) and its features

Summertime Saga is one of the best and most popular mature dating simulator games that is entirely funded and developed by Patreon Backers. There is a list of characteristics of the protagonist that will gradually improve during the game while participating in various events. For instance, your charisma can be enhanced by going to the gym for physical qualities, or fighting in rap battles. You can also download summertime saga Apk for your android device.

This game is not suitable for any kids under 18 years old. Since, the main character in the game will be turned on for the entire day and also numerous girls with lingerie, boobs, butts, and plentiful curves. This game could be pretty rough or some sort of different erotic game.

Game Importance

It is possible to manipulate objects, accumulate, migrate to different places, and even chat with Judith, Roxxy, Jenny, or any other similar cheerleader. The latter graphics will always remind about the Japanese comics with a Western audience readjusted and not too much hardcore. The quotidian life of your character will include multiple events during the daytime and also before going to your bed. Your character’s abilities can be leveled up by participating in numerous mini-games, and activities within the gameplay.

However, you can’t do anything classics such as The Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones, The Monkey Island Secret, and the Day of the Tentacle. But you can guess it could be similar to Myst or the Heart of Chine games. You can interact with them to know the components amounts and point of view from a first-person using the fixed settings.

Summertime Saga New Version V0.16

It is time to move on to the next development or update of a new version V0.16 to focus more on Roxxy’s entire story. This also includes the update of Dexter, Missy, Becca, and Crystal. Let us discuss more in detail about the new updates or version V0.16.

New Features of summertime saga Apk

Find below the list of new features offered by the Summertime Saga new version V0.16:

  • New bed scene especially with Roxxy.
  • Once you have purchased, it is possible to sleep in your beach house.
  • People can use the New Settings to hear Admiral Sploosh’s latest dialogues.
  • MOD APK support for Android users.
  • Within the time frame, you can view the Cellphone updates by using the Battery icon.
  • Make use of the progress bar for goal tracking the major characters.
  • On your mobile phone, users are allowed to track their meaningless achievements and as well as the game progress.
  • While location changes, the game will automatically save the current location.
  • If you require more polishing then it is easier to disable or enable in the Settings.


Find below the list of gameplay options that are available in the summertime saga Apk:

  • Renpy Engine powered.
  • Enhanced experience through mini-games and cut scenes.
  • Dating simulator with quest and stat progression.
  • Progression on Visual Novel story.

Game Planned Features of summertime saga Apk

  • If you complete the town development, you can earn the Potential Universe expansions.
  • More options with Triggered hardcore adult scenes.
  • Monetary, Energy, and Stats system.
  • Inventory System.
  • Interact with 50+ characters.
  • Visit more than 50+ locations.
  • Explore the active map.
  • Play the mini-games to easily progress in the game.
  • Complete the available 3 Main plot quests.

New Game Locations

Beach – You can add the Side beach, Cabins, and guard tower.

Pizzeria – Add the Storage room and Kitchen.

Mrs. Smith’s House – Bedroom, Upper floor, Basement, Entrance, and Frontyard.

Trailer Park – Clyde’s Shack Interior, Clyde’s Shack’s Frontyard, Tractor, and Frontyard.

New Game Character Events

  • Missy.
  • Becca.
  • Clyde.
  • Crystal.
  • Roxxy’s Story.


Find below the list of Mini-games available within the gameplay:

  • Cellphone Mini game.
  • Reworked Pizza Mini game will allow the users to easily upgrade their vehicle.
  • Spin the bottle.
  • Basketball.
  • Dexter Fight.
  • Shooting Range.

The entire Mini games including the Poker & Rap battle are improved and reworked for consistency to utilize the new sets of coding style.

New Version Game Best Scenes

  • Missy.
  • Becca.
  • Roxxy Locker.
  • Roxxy.
  • Crystal.
  • Foursome.

New Game Dialogues

  • At the Car Dealership, Kim can easily plot his dominion.
  • New dialogues for Dexter, Missy, Becca, and Roxxy.
  • A new character will appear within the pier.
  • Introduction for Roxxy has been reworked.

Codebase Rework (V0.16)

  • The gameplay integrated with a debug menu to serve as an Android console replacement.
  • Cassie, Latinas, Tony, and as well as Anna are moved to an FSM.
  • A new quest log for cellphone is reworked to make it functional.
  • Login includes the separated dialog.
  • More global variables are removed using the New Game class and also partially implemented.
  • The character location can be retrieved using the FSMs.
  • Implemented with the New Location system.

Bugs Fixed in New Version

Find below the list of bugs that are fixed through the summertime saga Apk new version V0.16:

  • Typos.
  • Art Asset touchups.
  • Fixed the Save resetting feature.
  • Fixed the School chatter night sound.
  • The entire softlocks are resolved.
  • Fixed the Teddy bear that is available at the background of Mia’s room to appear in the daytime mode even it was at Night.

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