Startup folder not starting windows 10 – Find solution

Almost all the people are facing same issue which is about their Window 10 start up folder which at times does not work well. So technology is always for the comfort of mankind you just have to deal with few of issues, just have look at these points. If you are facing startup folder not starting windows 10, then follow the stuff to rectify. In order to gather more information on other issues to fix, then you can check here.

startup folder not starting windows

Check the start up manager for solving startup folder not starting windows 10

Here comes the very first and considerable solution for you. Previously there was a step of turning the system configuration in the way of tweaking the start up programs. When we were living in the times of window we were not able in touching windows. But along with window 10 this is not the case you can helm for doing good old Task Manager and there you will be able in filling up all the start ups programs you require. Follow up these instructions for solving startup folder not starting windows 10.

  • Press Ctrl + shift + Esc for opening up the Task manager
  • Open the start up tab
  • Then select the program or application which you would like to embark on with the system and enable them.
  • Confirm changes and restart your PC.
  • Run DISM – Deployment Image servicing and management tool this helps in so many issues such as if you find reinstalling then DISM will help you in that case. Follow up these steps –
  • Type cmd in the windows search bar, right- click on the Command Prompt and run it as an administrator.
  • And in the command line, just type the following line and press enter –

DISM/ Online/ Clean up- image / ScanHealt

DISM/ online/ cleanup- Image / RestoreHealth

  • Then you will have to wait for all the process to get finished then just restart your PC

Create a batch file for handling startup folder not starting

Just follow up these steps

  • Click right on the desktop and open the New > text document
  • In the document, paste the following lines but do not forget to change the example with the path to the program’s exe file. ( @echo off then ‘C:/Progarm files / Daemon Tools Lite / DTlauncher. Exe’ and at last exit)
  • Just click on File> save as and change the document’s extension to .bat instead of .txt.

Force the elevated program with the task scheduler

  • Just open task scheduler and then expand task scheduler library and click on the create task under the right pane.
  • Then check out the ‘Run with the highest privileges’ box.
  • Then select ‘windows 10’ from configure for then you will have to drop down the menu and open the actions tab. Then use action tab, click on new. (Do not forget replacing task name and full path to program’s exe file above)
  • Click on ok then click on the windows + R for opening the elevated Run command line.
  • In the last step type the following lines and click nest –

Schtasks /run/ tn ‘task name’

Disable UAC

  • Just type UAC in the search bar and pen up change user account control settings
  • Then move the slider to the bottom and confirm changes

Edit registry

  • Just open up registry editor by typing regedit
  • Then open up file and create a backup of your present registry state.
  • Follow this path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ software/ miscrosoft/ windows /currentversion/Run

  • When you will be does with creating the value then single out modify
  • Then paste the exact path of the program’s EXE file
  • Then just save changes and restart your PC.

Insert the shortcut manually

  • Just helm to the installation folder of the troublesome program
  • Just click the right on the exe file afterwards create the shortcut
  • Then click on the windows + R for opening up the elevated Run command line.
  • When you will be done with these steps just copy the shortcut and paste it into the start up folder
  • Just reboot your PC and then you will find changes.

Reinstall the program

  • Just type control in the windows search bar and open up control panel
  • Helm the issue which would refute to began with the system just click on right and single out install
  • Helm a program files or program files (86) just bleep left in folder
  • Otherwise just employ the third party cleaner like CCleaner for bleeping whatever is restored
  • Just run the installer and install the program again.

Reset the PC for startup folder not starting windows 10

  • Just click windows key +l for opening settings
  • Just open update and security
  • Then select recovery this PC and just began
  • Just last thing click on the PC and then start


So, people who all are experiencing the difficulties in terms of solving startup folder not starting windows 10 for a long time, then the above discussion will satisfy you for sure.

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