How to get free Spotify Premium on iOS or android

We all are keenly looking for apps and sites that can cater us quite for free, without any charges or fees. But, let me tell you something, some of the popular apps and sites are actually not available for free of cost, and hence we have to pay for it to avail its services. But, did you know that these apps can be used and operated for free, at some point? Of course, you can get them for a trial period, and that is completely different, but even after the trial period you can avail them for free. One such app that we are going to discuss details about is Spotify- Yes, if you are looking out to avail Spotify premium free iOS or android, then here we have some tips for you to count in.

Spotify premium for iOS

How to get Spotify premium in India for free?

Well, just make sure that you are trying out all these methods and solutions to avail this particular app for free, along with the Spotify Premium.

TutuApp with Spotify

Well, this is one such popular method using which you can avail the world famous music streaming app Spotify. However, be sure to know that this particular third-party app will help you to get Spotify premium Apk for free. You just have to go to Safari browser, and search for Tutu App and just get it. Once you have installed it in your smartphone or the desktop, just make the app trustworthy in your device’s settings if it’s a smartphone.

AppValley with Spotify

However, this is another method wherein which you can use and then get the Spotify Premium for your use. Of course, this particular app is just as similar to the TutuApp that you have it. Well, it simply helps you to save and install and then listen to all the music within the app itself. Of course, this is another way of availing the Spotify premium family services for sure. App Valley is one such third party app that will help you to avail the free music streaming services for sure.


Another popular platform that just adds a variety of websites and apps to avail it for free. Well, Accountbot is also counted in the same list for sure. You can get Accountbot and then install and save Spotify premium prices are very cheap though. However, this particular does not offer the Spotify app or its premium version for free of cost, but it actually helps you to get the app for completely a cheap price for sure. It offers for around $1.99 a month, which is very cheap in India. Just create an Accountbot account, and then just avail the Spotify app for this lowest rate for sure. On the other side, you can even go here to know more about other apps.


This is the most popular app Spotify Premium or the site that will help you to get the most of the apps for pretty free. Tweakbox works just like the other platforms as mentioned above. Just have to enter the Safari and then get this particular website or the app within your smartphone or the desktop. Once done, you will be able to get the Spotify premium students. This will also help you to get the most out of this famous music streaming app for sure. Before you even begin with the usage of the Spotify app, make sure that you are making it trustworthy in your gadget settings.

Cydia Impactor

Well, you need to know that the Cydia Impactor is another popular website or the app that will help you to avail the popular Spotify app within your smartphone or the desktop for sure. Well, let me tell you this particular app is just for your Apple device or the iOS device for sure. However, if you have first downloaded the Spotify Premium within your device or the smartphone then you have to make sure that you are uninstalling first and only then get the app with the help of the Cydia Impactor. You can simply and pretty easily avail the Spotify premium UK for free and of course without any charge for sure.


Now you probably might be knowing how to get Spotify premium account for free. It is very much simple and easy for all of you. Of course, you don’t have to be a tech junkie to work all these methods out. You just have to make sure that you are trying out all these methods and this would be completely easy for anyone. However, you need to know that there are many such methods that would get you the same benefits as such. In some of the websites, there have been username and password given in order to login in the Spotify app to make it work for free with the premium version. Well, that can be safe, but be careful when you use such credentials.

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