Sports365live Kodi Add-on installation with essential tips

Sports365live Kodi add-on is one among the best and most popular live sports streaming add-on that fetches the video contents from its familiar IPTV website. Sports365live Kodi repo is the unique live streaming sports add-on. This repo add-on is the only add-on which does not depend on Live Resolver, Plexus, or SportsDevil. Sport365live has a customized built-in scraper code especially utilized for this Kodi add-on.

With multiple reasons, we say that Sports365live website is the real winner. The scraper source code used within the sport365live website will utilize the best Kodi add-on. The entire metadata and its respective contents are extracted from the official website however, the Kodi add-on does not have any ownership or control with regards to the video streams.

After installing the Kodi add-on, the viewers will be able to make of its features with simple and easy interface. You will not find or locate any folders or playlists within the Sports365live Kodi add-on. Only the active and current streams will be displayed under the list. Every individual sport or game will include numerous web links, at a maximum of 15 individual web links available for each game.

Sports365live add-on

Kodi Latest version for Sports365Live

Sports365live Kodi add-on has launched its latest version under the name of v2.6.1 and it is updated or modified through the Bugatsinho Repo (repository). The resolver issues are fixed by utilizing the Kodi add-on’s latest version to make the streams and links to work better.

The new Streamlink was added to the latest update by default to ensure that the streaming method boosts the streams to load much faster. Also, under the main menu, you can find the News Updates web link. The other various current changes added to the latest Kodi add-on are as follows:

Steps to follow

  • You can play the streams by using the F4M Tester.
  • All the advertisement threads are disabled.
  • Multiple requests can be avoided by utilizing the View links option that is available under the Folder mode.
  • Sports365live Kodi add-on can be re-organized.
  • It is possible to add language support, other alternatives domains, F4MTester dependency, and much more.
  • For playback, you can add the Inputstream option through the Settings.
  • Even after 6 minutes, the user won’t experience any link drops.
  • Viewers will not receive any check log information error message.

Tips – Sport365live Kodi Add-on

You can follow below-mentioned tips to utilize the maximum benefits by using the Sports365live Kodi add-on:

  • To get maximum success, it is strongly recommended to use the Kodi Krypton version 17 (v17.3 or v17.4) or above.
  • Just a click on the provided web link to stream the video contents. You have to wait for at least 20 seconds to access the streams.
  • You can minimize the buffer timing by connecting your Kodi hardware directly to your home router through a hard-wired Ethernet connection. Since the Wi-Fi connection (wireless) has multiple times of latency issue when compared with a wired internet connection.
  • In case if you are not able to access any video streams or sports channel then it could be geo-restricted within your country or region. Hence, we suggest connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for better access.

Install Sports365Live Add-on on your Kodi application

You can follow the below-provided instructions to install the Sports365live add-on on your Kodi application:

Steps to follow

  • Access your Kodi application version 18 (named Leia).
  • Select the System Settings button from the main screen.
  • Choose the Add Source option from the File Manager menu.
  • Within the existing pop-up window, please select the option named None.
  • Then input the Sports365live repo web URL and press the Ok button.
  • You can find the Sports365live repo web link from any one of the trustworthy websites.
  • Then provide an appropriate name for your Media source file. For example as Sports365live and tap the Ok button.
  • Within the existing page, ensure that the provided information is correct and again press the Ok icon.

Return to home screen

  • Return to the home screen and choose the Add-ons option from the menu.
  • From the top left-hand side screen corner, tap the Package Add-on Installer option.
  • Choose the installation process by utilizing through the Zip file.
  • Within the drop-down menu, choose the already created media source file name (e.g. Sports365live).
  • From the available zip files, you need to select the correct Zip file for installation.

Install Sports365live Repository

  • Wait for a few seconds to download the Sports365live repository and install the same on your Kodi application.
  • Press the option Installation by using the repo.
  • Choose the correct repository from the list.
  • Select the Video Add-ons option.
  • Browse and locate the Kodi add-on named Sports365live.
  • Press the Install icon to proceed with the installation process.

Wait for a minute to complete the installation and also press the Ok button to install the entire dependencies for Sports365live repo.

Sports365Live Kodi Add-on Common Errors

Please find below the list of common errors that occur while utilizing the Sports365live add-on on your Kodi application.

Streams not starting

At first, some of the video streams may not start or work properly. You can view the error message at the top right-hand side screen corner by accessing the Kodi’s log file. You can follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue, just by changing the playback settings on your Sports365live Kodi add-on:

  • Access your Kodi application and navigate to the Settings option.
  • From the list of already installed add-ons, choose the Configure option.
  • Within the existing page, access the Playback sub-menu.
  • Select the option named “Playback with”.
  • Then choose the following items: Inputstream and Inputstream . Streamlink on how to start & play the video streams.
  • Click on the Ok icon to confirm your add-on settings.

Web Request Failed

You may receive the error message “Web Request Failed” while trying to access the Sports365live streams. This error may occur if the Kodi application failed to review the video content format or script of any streams. You can resolve this issue by enabling the RTMP option within the application. Follow the below-troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue:

  • Launch the Kodi application and access the Add-ons menu.
  • Choose the VideoPlayer InputStream from the My Add-ons sub-menu.
  • Select the RTMP Input option.
  • Press the Enable button to activate the feature.

Kodi Script Failed

You may receive the Kodi script failed error message while your Kodi add-on failed to process its functionality in a designed manner. Even this error message may occur if you are working on an outdated or older version of your Kodi application.

The Kodi add-on which tries to utilize the newer script or a dependency that pre-installed on your computer may also provide this error message. You can achieve the maximum success on your Kodi add-ons by updating or upgrading the Kodi application to the latest version.

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Stream Not Available

You can view the error message named “Stream Not Available” within your Kodi application if the add-on was not able to fetch the accurate results for your inquiry. We all know that Kodi add-ons will act as a mediator and search engine to fetch the video content from the public internet and never upload the video contents on its own.

If you input your inquiry with a stream or title to browse within the Kodi application, it browses and locates the appropriate media streams across the online platform. In case, if it is not able to find any video streams then you may receive the error “Stream Not Available”. To overcome this situation, you need to choose a different Kodi add-on or any other popular video content that are commonly available on the internet.

There are still a few more error messages that you may receive while accessing the video contents or streams while browsing through the Kodi application.

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