Download Showbox [Ad Free Version] APK For Android

I guess most of you already know what Showbox is. According to me, Showbox is the app which started a revolution that has made watching movies, TV series or anything related to entertainment, online hassle free and easier. After Showbox, many such apps have taken a lead and introduced new features but the core concept still remains with showbox. However, the normal Showbox app has many ads, because it is free. These ads are very irritating. Hence, some ingenious people have cracked the code and released a modded ad free version of Showbox.

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From here you can download add free version of Showbox. Also we will demonstrate the entire process to install Showbox as well streaming showbox on other devices. Just to mention, the showbox ad free version carries similar features as those found in normal Showbox app. But, this small difference of no ads, makes such a huge impact on streaming experience. If you’re not familiar with the features of Showbox, let me give you all a quick tour.

showbox ad free

  • Stream unlimited content including movies, TV series, anime, etc.
  • No cost to incur for using all the services.
  • Premium like app with huge collection of content.
  • Available on android & iOS platform.
  • Can use apps like growbox & Allcast to stream on other devices.

How To Download & Install Showbox Ad Free Version?

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  1. Open Settings>>Security>>Turn on “Unknowns Sources”.
  2. Download the showbox ad free apk file on your android smartphone.
  3. Install the apk.
  4. Open the showbox app and stream ad free content.

How To Stream/Cast Showbox On TV?

There are few apps like Growbox & Allcast which can be used to cast Showbox on TV or other devices. In this tutorial I’ll be using Growbox to explain the procedure. Allcast also follows similar process so nothing to worry about.

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  1. First of all, uninstall MX Player from your smartphone, if you have.
  2. Install the grobox app, download growbox apk from here.
  3. Install Allcast app, download allcast apk from here.
  4. Now cast from Showbox, and select “All Cast” when you see an “Open With” option.
  5. Done & dusted!

That’s it. The process wasn’t that difficult. However, if you stuck at any point, feel free to ask your doubts in the comments. I will try my best to solve them and guide you through. Till then, keep checking other articles on this blog. Cheers!

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