Download & Install Poot APK For Android

Poot Apk? Find a strange name, but it is a handy application for Android users to root their device. Sometimes rooting can be very annoying and hard for several users, particularly for those who are habituated to tweaking and meddling with their devices a lot.

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That’s why we are here with poot application.

download poot apk for android

 What Is Rooting?

Rooting is a method of getting all rights and permissions over your Android Operating system. With this rights, you can use any custom theme or application, enhance battery life, and raise the performance and many more things that you controlled. It is known as hacking of your Android OS. It is legal if you are doing it only on your device.  We know it as a ‘Jailbreaking’ for iOS (iPhone/iPad). For Android, we called it a rooting.

What Is Poot & How It Helps Android Users?

As I said, poot is rooting application. Using the app, it is easiest to root your android device and is available as Apk file on the internet.

It allows the applications to open network sockets.

It allows an application to write to external storage and read from external storage.

It allows accessing the read-only to phone state, with the phone number of the device, list of Phone Accounts registered on the device, cellular network information, and status of ongoing calls.

If we are the one who is using own devices then why company gives us only guest privilege for Android OS?

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The company doesn’t want you to get into certain parts of the software.

It becomes easy for the company to update and manage any devices.

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It becomes easy for service Provider Company to provide support because they know the version very well.

Here are the steps to download and install poot application to our android device.

Step 1: download poot Apk form following link:


Step 2: copy the Apk file to your Android device.

Step 3: go to go to settings >> security >> check “allow unknown sources.”

Step 4: find Apk file in your device and install by following the instruction.

To open poot, you need another application called Ministro II.

Step 5: now go to play store and download Ministro II.

Step6: after installation of Ministro, you have to update the library.

Step 7: on next screen, it shows two option one is “Press Here To Poot.”

and another is “Built-In Root Check.”

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Select the first one.

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Step 8: again you will get three option.

1) Superuser, 2) Root Checker, 3) In-Built Root Check

Select the first option and download the app.

Step 9: next is Reboot the android device.

Step 10: now your phone is rooted.

The good thing about Android device is to root it. Now you can customise your phone at its highest level. Your device gets every permission that your phone manufacturer doesn’t want to be accessed by you.

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