Best solutions to fix pokemon go unable to authenticate error

Pokemon go is a free game application which can be played in our smartphones or tablets. They use Augmented Reality, a technology which helps in combining gaming with the real environment. Sometimes the players face pokemon go unable to authenticate error while trying to log in. Before attempting to find solutions for the error, we shall first get to know the working of pokemon go game.

pokemon go unable to authenticate error

How pokemon go works?

Pokemon game revolves around fictional characters namely pocket monsters in short Pokemon. The players can train them in the game and they are referred as Pokemon Trainers. Furthermore, in pokemon go game, fictional characters are created by using Augmented Reality. Moreover, Augmented Reality helps in providing an interactive as well as scenic audio visual effect to provide a mapping of animations with the real world. The game uses mapping technology along with location based tracking system to form Augmented Reality. The players are expected to catch the Pokemon, train them to battle with each other.

Interesting to play

The players play the game by walking around the streets in real. They may come across the pokemon characters in their device, when they come within a specific range. The players need to catch the pokemon using poke balls. Collecting as many characters as possible is the target for this game. Further, the pokemons presence can be tracked by using pokemon tracker present at the bottom corner toward the right of the screen.  Additionally, players add the pokemon eggs to their collection. These pokemon eggs will later hatch into pokemons.

Experience for free

For instance, another part of the game is about conquering the gyms and using them under the players’ reign. There are chances that these gyms may also be conquered by other players. Furthermore, the players can form groups and go for pokemon hunting. Otherwise, multi player option is not yet present in the pokemon go game so far.

Since this game is free to download and also brings out a new experience to players, the pokemon go game has attracted lot many audience in short span. But nowadays the players complain about a type of error they are facing when they try to log into the pokemon go game namely pokemon go unable to authenticate error. Further they get frustrated when they are unable to play from their account because of this game. There are few reasons as to why this error frequents out.

Possible reasons for pokemon go unable to authenticate error

Using an incompatible device

Pokemon go is developed by Niantic corporation. Based on the support page found in Niantic website, pokemon go can be played in devices using android version greater than 4.4. Further the device should be capable of utilizing GPS and location services. A strong internet connection is needed to seamlessly play the game. An ideal resolution of about 720 x 1280 pixels is required to play the game. So before installing the game, the player is expected to check the requirements. And also for iOS, iphone models lower than 5s are not supported. Moreover iOS 9 or above is preferred.

Using a rooted phone

Players may encounter this errorif the phone is rooted or in other terms jailbroken. This pertains to both android and iOS phones. Additionally, unrooting a rooted device may still not fix the error as the settings will indicate that rooted OS was present earlier.

Using Magisk to remove rooting may not be solution for the error asthe error may occur because of failure of SafetyNet.

Playing in restricted geographical location or carrier

Playing the pokemon go in restricted geographical location may lead to authenticate error.  Niantic restricts the usage of this game to certain countries provided in the official website. This has to be noted while the player tries to play the game. Further restrictions may be imposed on certain carriers to prevent troubles caused because of botting or spoofing. Additionally, the error is even found to occur when the player changes the connection from wifi to mobile data.

Banned players

Players need to abide the Terms of Services specified by Niantic. Breaking Terms of Service like providing false locations, using unofficial support softwares, emulators or even trying to access the back end system of the pokemon go may lead to ban. Players under ban may face this error and are restricted from accessing the game further. To know the details about the ban, the players can contact the Niantic Support Page.

Fix for pokemon go unable to authenticate error

It is always annoying for the players to encounter this authenticate error. In those cases, the players can try following solutions to fix the above error.

Restart the pokemon go app

pokemon go unable to authenticate error may simply be caused due to temporary server issues. In that case, close the app and reopen it again. In case of android phones, double click on the Home button. All the recently viewed apps are displayed. Find the pokemon go app and swipe up. This will close the app and clear the memory. For iOS phones, click settings. Goto Apps -> Pokemon Go -> Press force stop.

Restart Pokemon GO

Clear the data

One of the possible solution for the error pokemon go unable to authenticate 2020 may beto clear all the data used by the pokemon go app from the application settings. The players may find this option quite simple but this one of the reliable solution exposed.

Using log out option

The player can get out of this error quite fast by logging out from their account. Further they can close the app, clear its data and reopen them. Sometimes if the above procedure does not work once, the player can retry. Success rates are more when retried.

Prevent multitasking

Sometimes players’ face this error when other apps like Google maps or location tracking apps run in the background. User can try closing all the irrelevant apps and log in.

Switch to airplane mode

To get rid of this error, user can switch on the airplane mode and then reopen the application. This helps in reinitializing the ip address of the phone and even sometimes prevents login issues.  The player need not log out from the game account for this solution.

Deactivate Bluetooth

The player can try deactivating the blue tooth and reopening the app. Presence of Bluetooth may sometimes cause log in issues in the pokemon go app. Once the error is rectified and user logs in, blue tooth can again be activated. This is one of the solutions for error.

Clear the password of unused account

Many players may play the pokemon go game in the same device. Google may have saved the passwords of the previous player who played with the device. To prevent error, the present player can goto Google account saved passwords option and clear other players information.

Sign in using PTC account

Instead of playing in the app, the user can goto the official page of the pokemon go and log in with the Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account. Click on Create new account option in case you do not own a pokemon trainer club account.

Link account to Google or Facebook

The most sought solution to stop pokemon go unable to authenticate error ptc is to link the pokemon go account to either Google or Facebook. Further, by linking the account with either of them gives various options to log in. Additionally, the game progress is also not lost. The user can click on the settings page and click on link accounts by scrolling down. Moreover, by tapping on the account to be linked and providing permissions to use them through either Google or Facebook, the account linking is completed. Players can now log in through these options instead of their PTC account.

Fix for rooted phones

If the player suspects the cause of this erroras rooted OS, then they can try this possible fix. SafetyNet failing is the known reason for device showing as rooted even if you unroot them. By disabling the xposed and rebooting the device, SafetyNet is cleared and the error is prevented.


With the use of AR techniques, the pokemon go game has indeed attracted many users and made them as slave. The article suggests possible solutions to overcome pokemon go unable to authenticate error. The players can try them all as they are safest methods and resume their play.

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