Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020Reasons and Methods to Fix

As per the details available, the Pokemon go game has gained very much popular among the audience. Players are crazy about this game since the day it released. Officially this game has been released in countries including us, Australia and New Zealand. But still, people around the whole world enjoying playing the hacked version of this game that is known as Pokemon go. Well, here we are going to have a discussion about Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020.

Sometimes it happens that the Pokemon go account gets banned. The software is basically a way that discourages cheating. The main motive of this software when is to prevent a player from catching Pokémon or collecting from Pokéstops for a few hours.  If you are also facing the problem of Pokemon go soft and looking for answers of the questions like How Long Does a Soft Ban Last Pokemon Go 2020 and How to remove soft ban pokemon go 2020? Then you must consider this article once. Here we have given all the details about the Pokemon go soft ban. So let’s get started. Before that, if you are looking forward to know various stuff, then follow here.

What is Pokemon Go Soft Ban?

Pokemon go soft when is basically a temporary ban. In this ban, the user can easily walk around the game and see the Pokemon but they cannot catch them easily. In the Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020, the Pokemon simply runs away by breaking the wall. And you will not be able to add the Pokemon in your collection.

It is called soft when Pokemon go because it is temporary in nature. When the soft Ban period is over you can easily get back to doing your cheating in the game. If you are also one of those looking for information regarding Pokemon Go Soft Ban 2020 in your country then you may try some tweak their applications to play the Pokemon go game without any software issues.

UnBan Pokemon go

There are several people who use tricks and hacks to play Pokemon Go game. The tips and tricks used to unban the Pokemon go must be followed carefully. The developer of the tips and tricks always take a look over almost everything till the time users started complaining about experiencing the software. Users having known jailbroken device can download identify to get the Pokemon to go application in their Apple devices.

In order to get the application, there is no need to jailbreak the device as well. Due to the several cheat methods and hacks used by the players, the soft Ban gets imposed. The Pokemon Go Soft Ban Duration 2020 depends upon the type of the Ban. Hair in the below section we have given some of the steps that can help you to complete the Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020 procedure.

Step to get rid of Pokemon Go Soft Ban 2020

If a user is taking help of different tips and tricks and cheating methods while playing the Pokemon go game then and he or she will definitely be banned. If the same situation happened to you then you must be searching about How to Remove Soft Ban Pokemon Go 2020. Here we have given some simple and easy steps that you can follow to get rid of Pokemon Go Soft Ban 2020. In case you are experiencing Pokemon Go Soft Ban 2019 due to using the cheating or any other hacks then you are suggested to follow below-given instructions carefully.

While experiencing the Pokemon go soft Ban, you can still walk through the entire game and can also see the Pokemon moving here to there. But at that time or we can say in the Pokemon Go Soft Ban Duration 2019 you will not be able to catch the Pokemon or collect the poke stops. But yes you can run from here to there easily. This is how the Pokemon Go Soft Ban 2019 works. Now you must be thinking that what is the Pokemon Go Soft Ban Duration 2020?

Well, the good news is that at the Pokemon go soft Ban is temporary in nature. As per the Pokemon Go Soft Ban Chart, the Ban can last maximum for a few hours.

How to Remove Soft Ban Pokemon Go 2020?

In the below section of this article, we have given instructions that can help you regarding Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020.  Read the below-given instructions and get the answer to your question like “How to Remove Soft Ban Pokemon Go“?

  • The first and foremost step to follow is to log out from the gaming account.
  • Now you are required to create a new account.
  • Now logout from the newly created account and then delete the Pokemon go game application from your device.
  • Once was the application is successfully deleted from your device you need to can we install it.
  • After completing the installation process, log in with your old account.
  • If you are not willing to delete the entire account and reinstall the process then you can go for using the newly created account.
  • Once you complete the above-given steps you will simply log out from the new account and can easily use the old account.

Do Pokemon go permanent ban? Latest instructions that can help how to fix the Pokemon go soft ban:

Fixing the Pokemon go soft Ban is not any trick. It’s simply like a request that you need to appeal to the developers and ask them to unbanned the Pokemon go account soft banned.

  • First of all, you need to visit the respective link
  • After reaching the link you need to do appeal the developers to get Unbanned Pokemon Go Account Soft Banned.
  • Fill all the credentials that are required to be filled while completing the Pokemon Go Account Permanent UnBan form.

This is the most secure method that you can try to get unbanned from the Pokemon go soft ban.  But sometimes it happens that that developer does not accept the request and do not a when the Pokemon go game account.

Tricks to get recovered from Pokemon go soft ban

If you are currently facing the Pokemon go soft when then the tricks given in the below section can help you in regard to Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020.  You are suggested to follow the steps given regarding the Soft Ban Fix.

  • First of all, you need to download the Quickspin tool
  • In order to download it, you need to visit the respective URL by entering in your search browser
  • If you are facing the Pokemon go permanent ban Reddit thread then you will experience several success stories of Pokemon Go Banned users.

How to get unbanned from Pokemon Go {Working Trick}:

If you are one of those willing to get more details about the Pokemon to go soft ban duration and others like how long does a soft ban last pokemon go 2020 then this article will definitely prove to be a great help. Even if the above-given instructions do not work here are some new tricks that you can opt to Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020 in your android as well as IOS device. We have already stated that if a user is taking help of cheats and hacks then the Pokemon Go account will definitely be banned. Consider the following instructions:

  • First of all, you need to open the Pokemon Go, and then start searching for the near Poke Stop.
  • Thereafter you need to hit on it, but you will not get any type of coins from PokeStop
  • Every time you click you will get a pop up like “Try again later“.
  • Go near to the Poke Stop, you need to press on it spin the coin and Exit it.
  • You need to follow the process at least 40 times
  • Thereafter the Poke stop will turn into Purple color.
  • Once it changes its color, the UnBan Pokemon Go will be completed
  • Afterward, you need to search any Pokmon Go nearby you and then you need to throw a  Poke Ball
  • By following the process, Poke ball may catch the Pokemon Go.
  • Finally, you will get Pokemon Go Caught message.

Pokemon Go Soft Ban Duration 2020

  • The limit is 3500 Pokemon/7 days on a rolling period
  • Players can catch Raid Bosses if soft banned
  • Stored quest rewards will “flee”
  • Players can spin PokeStops
  • Players can start an encounter and then catch the Pokemon later (3-4 hours)

Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time Chart

In the below given Pokemon Go Soft Ban Chart we have given details about the duration of Pokemon Go Soft Ban.

Metric Imperial Time
1 km 0.6 mi 30 sec
5 km 3.1 mi 2 min
10 km 6.2 mi 6 min
25 km 15.5 mi 11 min
30 km 18.6 mi 14 min
65 km 40.4 mi 22 min
81 km 50.3 mi 25 min
100 km 62.1 mi 35 min
250 km 155.3 mi 45 min
500 km 310.7 mi 1 hr
750 km 446 mi 1.3 hr
1,000 km 621.4 mi 1.5 hr
1,500 km 932 mi 2 hr

Types of Pokemon Go Ban

In the Pokemon go game, getting banned for cheating is nothing new. These policies were already available in the game. However, these were not totally set in stone and not publicly declared.  When we talk about Pokemon when then there are four types of Pokemon go games available. The first one is a soft Ban. Another one is shadowban. The next is stamp Ben and the last is Perma Ban. 

The soft ban is of two types. The first type is the suspicious speed and then the other one is played too much. The application gets shocked when the users moved very fast or attempt to catch the funky moon for the spin and stop. The main motive of this then in this effect is to prevent a user from sketching for spinning the hockey stops. The duration of the soft Ban is 2 hours maximum point for the more the duration also based upon the bubble effect. Another type is played too much. If the user has crashed too many pokemon on a particular day or week or has spent too many students then the softball will occur. The effect of software in this type will be the same as the suspicious speed type. The duration of the day when is a maximum of 24 hours.

Another type of Shadowban

Shadowban is the next type. The reason for this shadowban is that Niantic detects an account that was using a modified client to log in. This means scanner accounts, unauthorized access accounts for third-party services were trying to log in. The duration of this Ban is a maximum of 2 weeks. The effect of shadowban is that all the evolved Pokemon and unable to Pokemon don’t spawn.

Temp ban is the third type of Pokemon Go Ban. The reason for this ban is previous as others. This is mainly used when botting or scanner accounts hit the platforms. The effect of this Ban is considerably high.   Due to this Bank, the user cannot get access to their account. Whenever they attempt to login a message will start displaying on the screen as “failed to get game data” The duration of temp Ban is one month to two months.

Permaban is the last type of Pokemon Go Ban.  The reason of this Ban is same as others. Furthermore, the effect of Karma Ban is also almost the same.  But when it comes to duration, the duration of this ban is quite larger than others.


These are the details about Pokemon go soft ban. From the above-given information, it is very easy to understand that what are the situations that will lead to the Pokemon go soft ban occur. Furthermore here we have also given the details regarding the instructions to be followed for Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2020. In case you are facing any sort of situation then you must consider the details given here once. With the help of these details needed for you to and understand the Pokemon go soft ban child and solve the Pokemon go soft ban error.

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