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Studying is a part of our everyday life and especially crucial to the student. Every student has their good part and bad part in every subject, but there are one subject and one piece that every student has the problem with Maths and its calculations.

Maths is essential subjects in student life. It helps us to learn how to calculate the numbers and solve any problem related to the same. Solving maths in early grades of school are easy but as you go up the class it becomes more difficult, and some even come, to hate this subject. Why? Because the question is sometimes hard and is very long when solved also it consumes a lot of time if you don’t know the right way to explain it. We need to learn and remember many formulas and tables of a different equation and many more things to solve a single problem. It is not a subject that we can just read and learn. And because of this many have come to dislike it.

Download Photomath App For Android

Well here is a solution to your long and overcomplicated maths problems.

Photo maths is here to solve all those problems for you. Now you don’t have to sit down and start searching for methods and how to answer using the same. Photomaths bring you a unique way through which you can quickly solve your problems with a proper step-to-step method.

Imagine a camera that gives the solution to your problem with a single click. Isn’t that easy? Photomath as the name suggests using the camera feature to take the photo of your equation or problem and give the solution. Not just give you the solution or answer to your equation but a detailed stepwise instruction on how to solve the equation.

How To Use Photomath App?

  • Photomath uses the camera of your device to identify the equation. You just need to point the camera toward the equation.
  • There will be a rectangular box made on the camera screen. You have to make your comparison come into that box.
  • After that just wait a few seconds or depending on your internet speed, it won’t even take second to come up with the solution.
  • Then just see the sept-by-step answer, and you can easily understand how to solve the equation.

The thing that makes this app different from other similar app is that it lets you see the full transcript or the solution page. In many similar apps, you will find that the app does not allow you see the whole solution page they solution show you the answer to your problem. But Photomath is different.

Features Of Photomath App

  1. Camera Calculator: This is a point to capture element. Just point the camera at the equation and let the app do the rest.
  2. Handwriting Recognition: This app recognizes not only the printed equation on a book but also the handwritten equations on your notebook and sheets.
  3. Step-by-Step Solution: The feature that most of the similar app doesn’t feature. The Step-by-Step instructions which make us easy to understand how the equation is solved.
  4. Smart Calculator: The smart calculator helps you edit or make changes to the equation that you have captured the photo of also its keyboard has all the required equation signs.
  5. Graph: Whenever you take a picture of the equation the app not solve it but also plots the chart according to the points that you get from the solution.

Note that the handwriting recognition system can sometimes make a mistake while analysing the problem. The user also has to be careful as to how they write the equation, little error and the whole equation changes.

With Photomath, you can work on all kind of mathematics problems like fractions, arithmetic, integers, decimal functions, trigonometric, log, roots, quadratic, algebraic and linear equations and many other services all just with a single click of the camera.

The Photomath app is available for free on the Play Store. It does not have any paid or membership feature or require any login detail. Now you can just relax and learn how to solve any problem with ease. Use this app but don’t depend on it.

Updated: February 22, 2018 — 11:14 am

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