YouTube has been serving us as the best portal for both videos and audios since ages. Whenever a new audio-visual or just an audio is released from any corner of the world, it gets updated on the YouTube. Be it the different kind of trending music tracks, top 100 songs of the year, the ever inspiring songs of Eminem, the theme music of prominent movies or even the Audio Jukebox of the regional films. But, how do we get the audio tracks of these videos alone without the visuals?

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Peggo App MP3 Converter

While there are a truckload of YouTube to MP3 converters, already available in the market, Peggo App has been launched recently as the most reliable MP3 converter. As we all know that an MP3 converter serves us as a tool that converts the videos to MP3 files after formatting the files from the YouTube videos; Peggo App does the job quintessentially. Peggo for android can be download from here. Peggo apk download for android link is available below.

In case you wish to watch movies, then you should check out the 123movies app. 123movies iOS app is also available for iPhone/iPad users in addition to android app.

What can we do with Peggo App?

By using an MP3 converter, you can not only dowload the songs without the visuals but also can format them in order to make them sound more pleasant and soothing. The Peggo App contains a compact disc that helps you in modifying the song with an ease by shifting your focus onto it and by investing a little time and effort; you can enhance the music using the technical details. With Peggo android App, you can start forming your own rigorous collection of songs.

Peggo App – Bulk Conversion

The MP3 songs are easy to handle given you know the use of application, you can extract high quality MP3 songs within least time. The output of Peggo App are crystal clear without any distortion in terms of both sound and also the quality. On the other hand, the converter can convert songs in bulk which is why you can avoid the single conversion and go ahead with the multiple conversion rate.

download peggo for android

Indeed one of the important reasons why Peggo App has been valued is because of the batch conversion technology that is embedded which allows you to convert a whole list of YouTube audio-visuals into MP3 songs in an exceptional way. You just have to get handy with the app in order to perform operations at the speed of the light. It will be new for the first few minutes but once you have done the conversion twice or thrice, there’s no going back. Peggo iOS app is also available which you can check out on our blog.

Why should you use Peggo App?

  1. The Peggo App as an MP3 converter delivers maximum quality. Using the app, you can produce a huge number of MP3 songs within least time.
  2. Peggo App just converts one kind of technological format to another, but one has to know how to use the app to get most benefited from it. It is constantly available and always assures an incredible speed that can be used in the best way possible.
  3. Peggo App also gives you a freedom of listening to the songs not on YouTube, but on your own phone; the songs that you have been longing to hear without internet connection.
  4. Peggo App has the most pleasing mechanism of MP3 conversion and given the unique features; the entire encoding and decoding of the conversion system become transparent and easy to understand.
  5. The level of sound and the quality of the sound are controlled during the decoding process, and therefore, you can just try to customise them in order to make them more appealing while the app is encoding them to MP3 format.

Features of Peggo App

  • Superior Quality: Peggo records the MP3 files in high qualities. The videos that are recorded also are of high quality ranging from 1080P to 144P based on your preference just like the options that are available in the YouTube browsing.
  • Silence avoidance: Usually as it is mentioned, the MP3 files have chunks of silence laid out before and after the track when they are converted. Using Peggo, you can cut these parts out and get an optimized MP3 track.
  • Volume Normalization: Each volume of Peggo can be normalized as most of them are similar to reach the comfortable stage where you don’t have to suffer with the MP3 track regarding the volume.
  • Metadata: The app has the amazing tendency to find the metadata and then fill them precisely in the MP3 file and somtimes things like the album art, release date, other info can be displayed if they are available on the net.

peggo apk download for android & iOS

  • Assistance for Subtract: The app also allows you to record specific parts of the video that is to be converted into the MP3 tracks. This way you can also form your own ringtones.
  • ID3 tags: This specific feature allows you to attach the artist tags to the MP3 titles so that you can have the lyrics for the songs intact instead of being removed. The tags will be displayed as information along with the MP3 song.
  • No Ads: There are no pop-ups or any obnoxious advertisements that disturb the user experience of the Pego App.
  • Recording Real-time: The video is recorded in real time and soon after the downloading is started; the file gets converted to MP3 effective immediately.
  • Integrated Search: Also with the search option that has been available, you can search for a specific video among the massive databse of YouTube and also play it right from the app.
  • Bookmarking: In case if you want specific videos to be viewed again or be loaded in a single click say straight from the YouTube or SoundCloud; you can bookmark them.

Legality of Peggo App | Is Peggo Safe or Legal?

The first concern that most of the people are concerned with while using the third party apps are whether they are legal. To make the issue more clear, Peggo has been utilized by millions of people and defining the legality of the app is not so easy as it depends on various factors like the location of the usage and its accordance with the laws. In US and some countries with similar laws, Peggo is legal while in some other countries it may not. But there’s no official action taken on anyone for using the app as the recording is done openly on the YouTube handed media which is later secured by the SCB ruling.

Convert YouTube To Mp3 with Peggo App

As mentioned earlier, Peggo App allows you to download the videos directly from the YouTube portal and converts them into the best MP3 format as soon as possible. Since ages, YouTube has only been offering a mammoth library only of audio-visuals. Even when the song is just the audio, it has become mandatory to add some visual to it in order to upload it on YouTube which is why we can’t find the MP3 songs directly on it. The Peggo App is a converter that converts the MP4 format files from the massive YouTube library and then converts them to the MP3 files. In one word, you can convert any file on YouTube to MP3 by removing the visual and directly listen to it to save the data usage next time without any internet connection. Ain’t that amazing?

The Peggo App android converter comes with a neat and organized user interface that allows easy and friendly navigation. It is almost like YouTube and SoundCloud; indeed an amalgamation of both where you can search for a particular file. In the search bar, when you type the title; you can get the results from both the portals. However, this search has been designed as very basic where you don’t have any option of looking into details. You can download peggo app for android and iOS from here easily.

Peggo APK For Android & iOS

You can also watch the videos using this App once you have searched the video on YouTube be it a song or a documentary, a movie or anything and everything. The song usually will be of superior quality when compared to the YouTube Video. This is because the file size is usually lessened during the conversion. But as the automation happens, the quality should be lowered, and you can as well cut the silence in the track that is usually formed in the beginning and the end. The normalization of the track offers stability as the volume is usually lowered. Also, these features can be leveraged in iPhone/iPad as well using Peggo for iOS app.

All the music that has been downloaded is usually listed in the apps download tab. Also, you can access through the file manager or the media library. The downloaded music has to be played through a third party player as Peggo does not have an inbuilt music player. The Peggo music App is small but is incredibly remarkable. Therefore, Peggo App is not capable of playing the audio through the external media player making the experience a little cumbersome. Peggo download for android & iOS can be availed from here.

Pros & Cons of Peggo App


There are few amusing things about this explicit YouTube to MP3 converter:

  1. Recording song from the YouTube portal and then convert them to MP3 songs.
  2. A superficial user interface which is easy to use.
  3. It has much inclusive YouTube search features that are basic.


Despite the benefits offered by the Peggo App, it has few drawbacks.

  1. It doesn’t have a deafult music player.
  2. It sometimes gets clumpsy and very rarely crashes down as well.

How to Download Peggo App – YouTube to MP3 Converter?

Peggo App download is extremely easy to execute. All you need to click on the ‘Download’ button in order to convert the YouTube to MP3 files. Once you have downloaded the app, enter the login credentials. Once you have entered the information, you will witness an app bar and then press on the ‘Download’ on the particular file that you have downloaded. Open the Peggo App and then start installing it. Follow the step by step instructions in the installation procedure on the Android devices. In case if you’re using an iDevice; you should download the Peggo iOS App. Peggo for iPhone app is easy to install as well.

Download Peggo APK for Android

 Peggo APK hasn’t been officially launched on the Google Play Store. Therefore, one has to download it from the third party sources. However, most of these third party sources often come with malware that has the capacity to ruin your device. Therefore, be careful while you are downloading the apps only after making sure that the sources are trustable. Check the steps below to download peggo apk.

  1. To start with the download, access the System Settings> Security and then go to the ‘Unknown Sources’. Check the box beside it in order to turn it on.
  2. Open the mobile browser on your device or the web browser and then copy paste the URL of this page in it. Click on the Download Peggo APK button given below to get the APK file.
  3. Once you have downloaded, open it by locating it on the notification bar. If you have downloaded it on your computer, transfer it to your Android device using a USB cable.
  4. After locating the downloaded APK file either from the notification bar or from the file manager, open it in order to start the installation.
  5. Tap on the ‘Install’ option and wait for the installation to be done before you launch the Peggo App in order to convert the YouTube files to MP3 files.

That being said, Peggo App is an amazing YouTube to MP3 converter that has been designed by keeping all the best qualities of the app at a place. It is compatible on many Android devices with an Android version apparently greater than 4.0. It is accessible to use for both the YouTube and SoundCloud and also other parties that range with a recording speed of 64-265 kbps. Therefore, download the app right away and start converting your favorite audio tracks to just audios so that you can listen them whenever you want straight from your device without stressing much about the data connection by getting rid of the pain of searching them on the video platforms especially; when you can’t find them on the common MP3 platforms. What are you waiting for?