Navigon apk for Android and its features in 2020

Navigon apk is one of the best used maps and navigation app developed by Garmin Wurzburg. This map and navigation app helps the users in reaching their destination quickly and also safely. Your smartphone can be converted into a fully fledged mobile navigation system which includes maps and many more features which can be accessed even without an internet connection. Further, this apk helps us to easily travel through the cities as well as spot your favorite places for example hotels or malls or companies etc. Additionally, this award winning navigation system provides a reliable and advanced search concept thus making it a wonderful companion for your trip. The services are provided in countries like Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Navigon Apk for android

In the following space, we shall discuss about the features present in this apk, the basic permissions required for the app to install in Android phones, app requirements, trial period and finally the packages provided by this app. Further, the installation steps for this apk are also specified.

Features of navigon apk 2020

Offline navigation

Firstly the app supports offline navigation which means the user can access the map even when internet is unavailable. Because of this feature the user can save on the costs due to roaming and can also save volume of data.

Frequent updation

Up-to-date maps are provided from experts. Updating the content happens frequently in helping users manage traffic or unexpected delays and help the users avoid traffic jams.

Save space

The apk allows the user to save only the maps that it is really needed by the user. Further, this helps the user to save space in the smartphone.

Input options

With the help of voice input or by typing in the keypad, the destination can be mapped quickly. Additionally, to concentrate in driving, use of voice commands are supported.


POI search often called as point of interest search are available. This further helps in finding the destination without typing the address directly.

Road sign

This apk provides a display of road signs. This feature helps the driver to drive safely by following the road signs.

Hazard warning

Users can opt to receive alerts about hazards or danger through the feature called hazard warning. Also, if the user exceeds the allowed speed limit, this map and navigation app can warn you, by both displaying the warning on the screen or voicing out them. Further, users can even manage safety camera warning displayed weather on the mobile screen or voiced out.

Route suggestions

The application suggests three routes for a destination and results and optimal route out of the suggested routes.

Parking space detector

The navigon will help you find free parking spaces. This further includes garage parking or any official parking slots.

Lane assistant

The navigon apk helps the user by assisting them to take the right lane. This feature is called as dynamic lane assistant.

Route planning

Route planning options are provided through which the user can even plan trips within their destination route.

Fuel station detector

Furthermore, this maps and navigation app can even suggest cheapest fuel filling station on the road which helps in saving time and money by the users.


Finally, newer version provides improvements in the main menu, address search bar which can be combined other bug fixes and performance issues.

Permissions required by the navigon app

The app requires certain permissions to get installed on the device. They need to access user’s contact, access the location, access to write to the external storage, permission to access details about networks, medicine to prevent the screen from sleeping, access information regarding Wi-Fi networks, access the vibrator, access to either read or write the settings of the system, change audio settings, connect with bluetooth devices which are already paired and finally obtain provision to send SMS messages.

Trial period

The navigon app is available free for 7 days after which the user needs to pay a minimal prices based on their usage time and their region. Currently the regions which are supported are Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Package rate is fixed based on monthly usage or yearly usage or for unlimited usage.

App requirements of navigon europe 2020

The navigon europe apk 2020 is specific to Europe region. App can run only in the 2.3.3 Android version or other higher versions of Android smartphones or tablets. Storage space of around 30 MB is required. Another apk comes with navigon europe 8.9.2 version which is recently updated. This version can be installed in android devices with android version equal to or greater than 4.1 which is jelly bean.

Packages in the navigon apk

Navigon guide is an apk in the category of maps and navigation apps to serve the customers present in Austria. APK comes with attractive package which can also be tested free for a week with all its functionalities alive. The user can customize the app based on different types of packages provided. The packages provided are

Car Navi package

The features present in the package include extended information about the destination, automatic day or night mode, weather reports, extended support for bluetooth, navigation of vehicles in two dimension and finally regular traffic checks.

Car Navi premium package

Along with the features present in car navi package, standard features like 3D navigation, provision of guidance through the lane based on speed, text to speech functionality, quality speed assistant and so on

Traffic live package

This particular package in the APK helps in providing updated live traffic information.

Navigon fresh maps Xl

The fresh maps package provides latest maps from the experts regularly. Further this feature includes providing EU 44 maps too.

Panorama 3D view

In this package, the route is displayed in 3 dimensional landscapes with valleys or mountains surrounding your route.

Installation steps for Navigon Apk 2020

Following are the installation steps for this application.

Step 1 – Download the apk file from the offcical website.

Step 2- Copy the apk file to your device be it smart phone or tablet

Step 3 – Install the file after accepting the warning of installing from unknown sources.

User can now enjoy the features of navigon apk.


Hope the user would have got detailed information about the navigon apk 2020. By installing this apk, the user can reach the destination route hassle free by using all its capabilities.

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