Download My OldBoy GBC Emulator For Android

When do we see an app for Android, curiosity rise in our mind for what is this app? For what this application use? How can we find and download it? Am I right? Cool, all your answer you will find in this article for My Oldboy GBC Emulator.

About An Emulator

An emulator enables one computer system that is host to act like another computer system that is a guest. So it typically permits the host system to run software on the guest system.

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Emulation denotes the capacity of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate another application or device.

download my oldboy emulator for android

Brief Idea of  My OldBoy – GBC Emulator

My OldBoy is a super-fast and full-featured emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on all Android devices, from phone to tablets. It emulates precisely practically every feature of the real hardware. Some unique aspects including link cable, tilt sensor, and rumble is also supported. You can even make your Game Boy games colorful by selecting a custom palette.

It does not emulate the hardware and save state system; you can keep progress whenever you want, or you can return to it instantly. And while permitting fast-forward in game, you can rapidly skip some part of the part of the game and go to the section which you are most interested in.

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NOTE: No games are comprised of this app, and you have to obtain your favorite game and place them on your SD card or internal memory, and browse to them within the app and enjoy!

Characteristic & Advantage of My OldBoy! – GBC Emulator

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  1. Fastest emulation using ARM code. Quickly get to 60 FPS without frame skips even on very old devices.
  2. Save your battery.
  3. Patching of IPS/UPS ROM.
  4. Excellent game compatibility.
  5. Rumble emulation and Tilt sensor via Android system’s hardware sensors and vibrator.
  6. Link cable emulation on across devices or on the same device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and running at nice speed.
  7. Game Boy Camera and Printer emulation.
  8. You can use cheat codes and enable or disable them during running game.
  9. Fast-forward to skip part of game, as well as slow down games to play past a level. Depending on your hardware it will run fast approx. 50 times than average speed.
  10. Without a GPU Open GL rendering, as well as normal rendering on devices
  11. Cool video filters via GLSL shaders.
  12. Create shortcuts quickly to launch a game.
  13. You can save a game at whenever you want by taking a screenshot.
  14. External controllers support, via the Android native way or input method.
  15. For Android 2.0 or later, On-screen keypad, as well as shortcut buttons available such as to save, load.
  16. A powerful screen layout editor, using it you can set the position and size for each of the on-screen control and even the game video, too.
  17. Well-designed user menu which is combined with the latest Android.

Downloading Guide For My OldBoy-GBC Emulator

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You can download it via play store or go to the following link to download directly:

or for unlock version you can download this app from the following link:

Note: if you can’t install the unlock version on your device then go to setting>>safety and privacy >>unknown sources and enable it. After that try again.

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