How to Get World-Class Links to Content Marketing

Visual Assets What It Is:

  • Visual assets are:
  • Images
  • Diagrams
  • Infographics
Links to content marketing process

Charts and other visual-oriented pieces of content

Why It Works:

Ocular is super-duper casual to link to. For example, when you publish a chart on your site, you get a link anytime somebody shared that chart on their site. This powerful“share my image and link to me when you do” relationship merely doesn’t work for text-founded content.  Check seo group buy tools

Real-Life Example:

Some years ago I publicized an infographic known as On-Page SEO: Anatomy of an Optimized Page.

Sure, lots of these links would have come in even if I had described the same concepts with text.

But a great chunk of these links (I’d estimation 75%) was made because I conferred primal info as the ocular tutorial.

Lots of my links came from people posting the infographic on their site (and linking back to me):

2: List Posts

What It Is:

A numbered list of tips, skillfulness, causes, myths…or just about anything.

Why It Works:

List posts pack a ton value into digestible, bite-sized chunks.

When BuzzSumo analyzed 1 million articles, they disclosed that list posts create more backlinks than other content formatExecute quizzes, videos, and even infographics.

Real-Life Example:

This list post, 21 Actionable SEO Skillfulness You Can Use Correct Now, is one of my every-time most famed parts of the content.

Yes, it brings forth a ton of shares…

But most significantly, that post is a link attract.

It has over 5,000 links.

SEO Techniques- Backlinks

And because the page has so galore links pointing to it, it ranks in the best 3 the keyword “SEO Technique”.

Real Research and Data

What It Is:

Content that reveals new data from industry studies, survey or real research.

Why It Works:

Statistics and data are highly-linkable. When someone cites your data, they link to you. These links add up SPEEDILY.

Real-Life Example:

Last year I publicized the bigger Google ranking cause study always.

Unnecessary to say, this post incorporates a boatload of real data

That’s why the post has amassed a humongous 13.5k links in a small over 3 years.

In-Depth Ultimate Guides

What It Is:

Comprehensive assets that cover all thing there is to know about a given topic (and then few).

Why It Works:

Eventual guides pack an amuch amount of info in one spot. This creat your guide THE go-to resource for that topic.

Real-Life Example:

I used to get emails from people asking me for keyword research advice on a regular base.

Unluckily, I didn’t have something on my blog that covered that top-essential topic.

So I make one: Keyword Research for SEO: The Definitive Guide.

Because this multisection guide covers keyword research like no other asset online, it’s been linked to over a thousand times.

KR Guide Data

Now that you’ve made a part of the link-worthy part of the content, it’s time to build few links.


With great ol’ designed email outreach. Because this multi-chapter guide covers keywords research like no other asset online, it’s been linked to over a thousand times.

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