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I am a movie fanatic and love the idea of watching the films on the go. Having a technical bent of mind, makes me search through various apps that could help me download movies and music easily. The latest addition to my list of favourite move download apps includes Kohi movies. The app is a great way to watch movies, videos, and songs online and absolutely free of accost. This app enables you to search movies and TV shows of different genres and enjoy them on the go.

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I personally believe that it’s a great alternative to Netflix. So, gear up people and explore the Kohi movie app with me. The official movies app by Google, which is Google Play Movies is being upgraded often with more & more features. But as well all know, it is a paid thing and users need to pay for every movie they stream. Instead, Kohi movie app works just fine and is absolutely free. If for some reason the Kohi movie app doesn’t work on your smartphone, try out the Yes Movies app for android.

Download Kohi Movies Apk

What is Kohi Movies App?

As mentioned above, the Kohi movie app is a movie streaming app which enables you to enjoy movies and TV shows at your own time. Now you don’t need to stick to the couch and dig your eyes on television, this one app will help you stream all your favourite TV shows and films. You can either to their website, the or to stream movies and TV shows, you will also get latest updates on the website. This website is now available in the form of application as well. You can easily download the app on your smartphone and enjoy the films and shows.

Kohi Movie App Features

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This app comes with some fantastic features, before downloading the app, you must know what are the important feature which this app has to offer-

  • Variegated search options – you can search movies as per their genres, release year and popular, trending or last updated.
  • Categories- You can also request for your favorite movies or TV shows by leaving a request on their FB page. You will soon get an update on your app or website.
  • Thousands of movies– there are thousands of movies and around 18 genres like thriller, comedy, drama, action, family, drama, romance and any more.

How to Download Kohi Movie APK

In order to download the app, you need to download and install the app file as the app is not available on Google Play Store.

For this, you need to the Settings and then to the security option and enable the Unknown resources which allow the third party app to be installed.

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  • Download the Kohi movies Apk by clicking on the following link –

  • The locate the file on your smartphone using Download folder or File Manager
  • You will get series of options, follow the instructions and download the app.
  • Once you are done, launch the app from the home screen

Your app is now downloaded and now you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. The best part of this app is that it is very easy to download and has a user-friendly interface allowing the user to easily watch movies and TV shows. Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback, till then enjoy your desired films on the go.

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