Guide To Kodi On Xbox One | Installation, Builds & AddOns

Kodi, which is an immensely popular, opens source, streaming application, is available for almost every platform except Xbox & PS4. But, recently, it has made it’s to Xbox One, which has surely excited many Xbox users as I can see them breakout on internet searching for Kodi Xbox addons. The latest Windows 10 version of KODI, finally managed to make it to the Xbox One. So all the Xbox One users can now leverage the utilities that Kodi has to offer. But, I suppose many Xbox users are not quite aware of add-ons which they should look forward to. So this is a guide, which will specifically help the Xbox One user to pick best Kodi Add Ons.

Instead of mentioning about the addons directly, I would rather discuss the download and installation of Kodi on Xbox One first. Considering not many readers would have installed Kodi on their Xbox One yet, this would prove to be a helpful segment for them. So let us begin this journey.

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How To Download & Install Kodi On Xbox One?

Using Microsoft Store

  1. From your Xbox One, open the Microsoft store.
  2. In the search box, type “Kodi” and hit enter.
  3. You’ll be directly taken to Kodi app in the store.
  4. Hit the “Get” button to start the installation.
  5. Wait till the installation gets completed and then start using it.

Using Xbox Store

  1. Open the Xbox Store.
  2. Search for “Kodi” in the search box.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Microsoft store.
  4. Here you can download the Kodi app.
  5. Install it and start using right away.

How To Add Custom Theme In Kodi On Xbox One?

The default theme that comes with Kodi is estuary and it is indeed a great theme. However, if you wish to customize and pick theme of your own liking then follow the steps below.

  1. On homescreen go to System Settings.
  2. Here, select Interface settings.
  3. Under interface settings, select Skins.
  4. In Skins, select Look & Feel.
  5. Click on Get More.
  6. Select any theme you like from the list.
  7. Let the theme install.
  8. Once done, Kodi will ask if you wish to activate the theme.

Enable Unknowns Sources To Install AddOns

Kodi as we all know is open source application, and hence most of the popular & widely used addons are developed by third parties. Thsi means that in order to install those Kodi addons on Xbox one, we need to “enable unknown sources” to create a safe passage for installation of those addons. Here’s how you do it:

  1. On home screen, open System Settings.
  2. Here, select Add Ons.
  3. From the list of options, find “Unknown Sources”
  4. Now toggle the option to turn it on.

Best Kodi Xbox One Add Ons [Sorted By Purpose]

Kodi Xbox One Addons For Movies/TV Shows


Covenant is much like the most popular kodi addon, Exodus. However, Covenant has an active development team and hence is much more reliable. Using Covenant, you can stream latest movies & tv shows in HD quality.


Nemesis is known or pulling the best sources to stream quality content. In fact, Nemesis is an all-rounder, because not only movies, but you could even stream live sports using it. Moreover, one could even play music and audio books using Nemesis.

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SALTS is a strong competitor to all-time famous Exodus. SALTS can scrape over 50 sources to stream the best content for users. However, there will be little work for you to do as one needs to spend time configuring the addon in order to get the best quality streaming.


Specto, again like Convenant, is a fork of Exodus and is likely to provide a similar experience. Movies, TV shows with latest episodes are easy to stream using it. The broken links get fixed quickly and you’re unlikely to face much downtime.

Kodi Xbox One Addons For Live Sports


Using Sportie addon, users can stream live sports matches, pick links from reddit and then stream them. Even better, users can replay recordings of the recent matches. The best part is you don’t need to spend much time configuring Sportie addon.


In Sportie addon, you need to input the subreddits in order to stream live matches, which is also the case with ProSport. But ProSport is way more user friendly in terms of UI. It also displays a list of live matches going on so that you can select from them.


Sportsdevil, is my favorite addon as I use it a lot personally. It offers live match streams as well as on demand games, which is ingenuous. Most of the matches streamed using SportsDevil are in HD.


Quantum is more like an all rounder as it features movies, tv shows, news, cartoons & other content for kids, documentaries & sports. Hence, Quantum is in fact a perfect choice for users who need everything in a single add on.

Kodi Xbox One Addons For News


NewsOn has a huge source of live news broadcasters. It has a buffer of 48 hours which means that you can watch any news that was aired in last 2 days. There are various new stations which you could stream. Users can even save their favorite news stations and access them quickly when they want.

Fox News

Fox news as we all know is a very popular news broadcaster. The addon for same can be installed and used to stream it directly.

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Sky News

Sky news again is a very well known new broadcaster in the world. It remains one of the most watched news channels in US & UK.

Haystack TV

Haystack is also a really good Kodi addon for newsjunkies. It streams local, national as well as world news for the users.

So this brings us to the end of the list & the guide as well. We tried to include the best addons possible in each category. The installation procedure for each of them is different and we suggest you to search for them on Google as they are bit complex as well. For any other queries related to Kodi On Xbox One, you can comment below.

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