How to Use Wyze Cam App on PC- Complete Guide

Before moving onHow to Use Wyze Cam App for PC, first, you should know about what isWyze Cam App, so let’s begin with!

What is Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam is an application that provides you with an excellent platform to control and run various home and personal devices. Using the Wyze app, you can manage all your devices conveniently and automate your home or place. It has a security camera with high-quality rendering security to your shop, home, and so on. For a long time, it has been of fantastic security providers.

Wyze Cam App for PC

Although there are many alternatives for surveillance cameras accessible in the market, ensuring your safety and security, Wyze Cam is very reliable. It can be utilized as a video camera and also gives you a closer look and feel. Its features include Stylish Camera, Intelligent Security, 8x zoom and live streaming, smart sound recognition, Two-way Audio, and Night Vision for darkness surveillance.

Now we will move on!

How to Use Wyze Cam App on PC

There are some fundamentals requirements for using Wyze App on PC:

  • Wyze Cam installed
  • Wyze Cam installed on your PC
  • Strong internet connection

By following the below steps that are used to set up your PC with your Wyze Cam

  • First of all, you have to make an account on the Wyze app

Once you have installed the Wyze app for PC, now you are ready to use the app. Go to the app and create your account. You need to click on the Sign-up button, provide your email address, enter your password two times, and click on the Continue button. Follow the other guidelines that display on the screen, and Now the account will be created.

  • With the support of provided USB cable, Plug-in camera

Go and check the LED light on Wyze Cam. If the light is yellow, it intends the power of your camera is on. If the light begins flashing, it shows that Wyze Camera is now ready for the setup. Now unplug the camera from the power plug and insert it one side of the USB cable at the rear onWyze Cam and another side to your PC’s USB port.

  • You have to add a new device to the Wyze app.

Click on it that shows in the center of the app and choose theWyze Cam to connect. Likewise, press and keep the setup present at the camera below until a beep sound displays. Then you have to click on the Next button.

  • Provide WiFi details to connect to the network

Give the name and password to your WiFi network; then click on the Next button.

Now you can watch all theWyze Cam footage on the Wyzeapplication.

  • LED light on Wyze Cam

The LED light provides indications of the working of Wyze Cam. The flashing blue light shows thatWyze Cam is now connected. The flashing blue and yellow lights indicate that the connection of Wyze is in process. The solid yellow light shows that the power ofWyze Cam is on while the flashing yellow light means that theWyze Cam is ready to connect.


This post is all about “How to use Wyze Cam on your PC after reading this post, you will better idea about this.


Q: Is it possible to use the Wyze application without Internet?

Ans: No, it’s not possible without an internet connection.

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