A simple way to message someone on the YouTube platform

YouTube has become one of the most liked entertainment platforms by many people. It offers various types of features and facilities. Through YouTube, one can connect to the entire world. YouTube also become one of the most excellent platforms for young people to earn money. By starting a YouTube channel,  one can gain several views and subscribers and eventually it would result profitably. Here, the discussion about how to message someone on YouTube will be supportive and helpful for sure.

how to message someone on YouTube steps

There are many educational related videos available on the YouTube platform, which is very useful for students. Even though one can connect to the whole world,  through the YouTube platform, it still had some drawback. Communication was not that much accessible and reliable on the YouTube platform. And hence, they came up with the idea of YouTube messages. It is just like other social media platforms where one can send messages to other people. It is available on the recently updated version of YouTube.

Direct Private messages to other users

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, now YouTube has also come up with the new messaging feature. To message a particular user, one needs to have a personal youtube account. We may have seen sometimes we can watch videos on the YouTube channel without logging into our account. But to message a person, a personal account is mandatory. By logging into a personal account, you can directly send a private message to another account user.

Steps to send a message to a user

To message a particular user, you have to login into your account. Then on the YouTube homepage on the search bar, search for the specific user name and the user name will be listed on the below result. Then click the specific name and when you reach the user’s channel. You can see the above option on the right side corner of the page. On clicking the page, you can see the message icon. By clicking the message icon, you can send a message to the person and finally click the send button. This is the way to send a message to a particular user on the Youtube platform.

How to check received YouTube messages

  • To check the received YouTube messages, first of all, open the YouTube messages pages.
  • In the page, you can clearly see your profile pic or avatar on the top right corner. Click the avatar.
  • Then it shows up a creator studio option.
  • After entering inside the creator studio, on the left corner you can see the community tab.
  • On clicking the community tab, you can see the visible messages option.
  • When the message option is clicked, it will direct you to send messages, filtered messages and approved messages. This way is hard to check the received messages in the YouTube platform.

This way is hard to check the received messages in the YouTube platform. At the end of the day, you will get to know about how to message someone on YouTube.

Wrapping up

Well, in this article, we have seen how to message someone on  YouTube and other important ways to send messages and also to check the received messages. Make use of this content to message your favourite YouTube personality to reach out to them. You can also clear your educational related doubt and other personal advice from the experts who are present in the YouTube community.

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