How to fix explorer.exe system call failed error in different ways

Explorer.exe system call failed error is one of the errors which are of major concern to our users. When this error occurs, the programs become unresponsive. Moreover the files stored in the disks may disappear and may or may not reappear after unknown time. Before pondering much on this error, we need to know about explorer.exe in general and follow the ways to fix it.

Windows explorer file called as explorer.exe is a system file. Additionally it is present in drive where windows operating system of installation is over commonly C drive. For instance, when windows start up, this file runs to provide connection between graphical user interfaces and all files as well as folders present in our computer. In order to know other related fix solutions, you can follow here and get to know more in-depth.

Explorer.exe system call failed error

Why Explorer.exe?

Explorer.exe’s all time purpose is to help in file navigation by Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar and file explorers. Moreover they help in file management system that is task based too. Explorer.exe runs the Windows Program Manager and require for proper functioning of the windows. Rather without it, user needs to open files or any programs through Command Prompt.

What happens when explorer.exe system call failed error occurs?

Many would have faced the explorer.exe system call error. Further, during this error, the user is devoid of performing common tasks. For example, context menu can’t access while right clicking on the desktop, Start menu does not work, files may not be visible in the specified location, icons may disappear etc.

Ways to troubleshoot explorer.exe system call failed error

The possible reason behind explorer.exe system call failed error may be for instance, driver failure, issues in third party programs, bad sectors present in hard disk, malware or virus issues. Without explorer.exe much notable functionality cannot perform so it is illegitimate to find best solution to fix the error. For example, below are few methods to remove the error where you can follow as per wish and convenience.

Restarting the windows explorer

Users are recommended to restart the computer in first place. If that does not solve the explorer.exe system call failed error, then follow the below steps

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Second, on the Processes tab, find Windows Explorer and right click it
  • Last, click on restart to fix the error.

Open windows explorer as new task

Follow the steps below to fix explorer.exe system call failed error in case restarting does not work.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del . Task Manager opens.
  • Open Details tab to find explorer.exe
  • Right click to choose End Task
  • Click Yes to the warning message that says terminating a process can lead to undesired result.
  • Similarly the process which the user thinks might have caused this explorer.exe system call error can be ended as above.
  • Next open File tab to select Run New Task further.
  • As a result to experience, type explorer.exe to run the process.

Execute System File Checker from Command Prompt

Use steps mentioned below to fix explorer.exe system call problem without ignoring any steps at any time.

  • Right click on the windows key to select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Again Right click to select Run as Administrator
  • To replace corrupted explorer.exe file only, type in command prompt as follows:

      sfc /SCANFILE=c:\windows\explorer.exe

This may use to solve explorer.exe system call failed error windows 7.

  • If this of no use, then perform full scan by running DISM command as below:

      Type sfc/scannow command and press enter

  • All you need to do is wait for few minutes for the scan to finish and go for next process.
  • Thus explorer.exe system call failed error solved.

Conduct Clean Boot

If you do not get solution for explorer.exe system call failed error, try performing Clean Boot. Normally when windows start, many applications or processes are made to start automatically and run in background. For example, system processes, software installed by user etc. All these may further lead to conflicts leading to explorer.exe system call failed error windows 10. Moreover, with Clean Boot, windows are started with minimal programs or drivers. Additionally, this helps in determining the software that caused the error. Furthermore, follow the preceding steps to perform this Clean Boot without missing it.

Follow the steps

Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned below without skipping it.

  • Press window+R. Type msconfig in it.
  • Now, follow the system configuration screen opens. Click on Services tab
  • Make sure to check the Hide all Microsoft services box
  • Select Disable all
  • Next open Startup tab. Click Open Task Manager.
  • Click onto each startup items and choose Disable further.
  • Next, Click ok to close the system configuration tab and follow the next step.
  • At last, Restart the computer to see if explorer.exe system call failed issue is fixed.


Finally, we have analyzed possible solutions to fix explorer.exe system call failed error. Moreover, there is huge possibility of explorer.exe getting corrupted due to virus. Hence it is always better to install good antivirus software to protect our computer from malwares, virus which may be the final reason for causing errors as above.

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