Hotstar Mod Apk features and Info

Hotstar and it’s features

Originally a substitute of Star India, Hostar is an Indian streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Hotstar has recently been named Disney+Hostar for its recent companionship with Disney from the VIP streaming of Disney Entertainment.

Hotstar Mod Apk
Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar Premium Apk is a popular streaming application in India and features many Hindi and regional films of India, and also some of the most popular entertainment from the Hollywood industry as well. It streams live Sports and News broadcasting as well.

Although one can stream free of cost entertainment for some features on Hostar as well, the famous and most acclaimed entertainment is streamed under it’s two paid plans.

One is the VIP plan with a requirement of Rupees 399/annually,

And the other is the superior plan, or the Premium plan requiring 1,499/annually.

With the VIP plan, one can stand assured of both the originally free services and the entertainment under the VIP plan, which accounts for most of the basic entertainment, which are also ad-free. But with the Premium plan, one is assured to be rendered All of Hostar’s services with ad-free hindrances.

Sounds pretty exciting, right? But are the paid plans bothering you? Well, they shouldn’t, for now, we’ve found a way for you to enjoy Disney+Hostar utterly free of cost.

There are quite some versions of the Mod Apk of Hotstar for you to consider.

Here’s how to go about it

  1. Search for the most suitable Apk option for yourself.

Developers like MarioDev and Cyberstron offer the best of Apk options. You can find the links on the net easily for a quick download.

  1. Download the Apk version.

For downloading the free updated version of Hotstar Premium follows these steps:

  • Uninstall the original Hotstar from your device.
  • Download the Disney+Hotstar Premium Mod Apk of your liking.
  • You may want to allow unknown sources, which may be disabled on your device, so you must do so for the successful downloading on the security tab in your settings.
  • Once the download has been made, you’re free to stream the entertainment of your choice without the hindrance of any ads and surveys!
  1. Be aware of its requirements

Mod Apks are also applications and will be having specific space requirements in your device and may even have additional individual needs.

Be aware that these applications are usually FREE of cost, require the space of some 17-20 MB on your device, and should be supporting either Android or iOS, according to your convenience.

  1. Be aware of the side-effects.

Nothing comes for free. While these Hotstar Mod Apks are meant for free of charge usage, these usually come with many hindrances and side-effects on your device and you. These can enter certain Malware or virus in your device and put your intimate information at risk. These can also initially not require any charges or logins, but that may change after a specific continuous utilization with the application.

To sum it up

These are the few ways you can enjoy the Premium Disney+Hostar content without having to pay anything. One of the best streaming services can be enjoyed through these Mod Apk versions by you without having to worry about digging in your pockets. Although, as we mentioned, these can come accompanied by some issues and more, so one should always be safe. As this service is not guaranteed under the original owner of the initial application, you will still be at the risk of theft and breach. But with anonymity and safety in your device, you can battle such recognition and the entrance of any virus as well.

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