Importance and usage of government issued ID

Having government issued ID is one of most important thing to have in life as the need of these ID is at every place and way. The government ID also, makes you responsible for so many things just by giving you card for your own country. There are various cards which are considered as the government ID card.

government issued ID usage
  • Driving license
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passbook with a photograph provided by a state bank or the post office
  • Official identity cards issued to the MPs/MLAs/MLCs etc.
  • PAN card
  • Smart card issued by RGI under NPR 
  • Passport
  • Service identities cards along with photograph issued to the employees by the central or state govt./ PSU/public limited company
  • Health insurances smart card which is issued under the scheme of the Ministry of the Labour
  • Pension document along with a photograph
  • MNREGA job card

The government issued ID which are very easy to apply for 


We all need passport at a level in our lives. But it is a little long process and to get and apply. The use of this card is to travel all over the world and validity is ten years. So those who travel a lot they need this ID. When you apply for this certificate, it will take around two months to get done with a complete process. This application can be filled online, but this would need some documents such as your birth certificate. 

Voter ID

This is also one of the vital certificate which everyone should have. This shows that you are a responsible citizen. Especially if you are citizen of India, you will require this card whenever it comes to pick up y0ru leader. With the help of this card, you can cast your vote. But until you complete your 18 years, you will not be able to use this card. It has other usages as well as when you have to buy a SIM card or show your identity. This card becomes your identity and mandatory. 

Driving license

No one needs to know the importance of this driving license. Everyone knows that driving license is one of the important things if you own a car. Without it, no one can drive a car, but a driving license is given after 18 years. But you may apply for it even online, but you will have to appear for the examination. Without passing this exam one will not be able to get this certificate or card. When you apply for this document, you need to take a proper class to pass this examination; otherwise you will not be able to have this document. 

PAN Card

If you are an earning person, then this card becomes important for people. As your income is being speculated by the government via this card. So there is huge importance of this card. Whether it is a bank or other important places this card becomes mandatory. There are both options for applying for this card, and you may even apply online or offline. This card takes only 15 days since the day you apply. And you receive this card the address which you provide on the form. 

Social security system

The usage of this government issued ID card is of course found in the small acts, but keeps importance than big once. If someone is looking for some short- term loans, (they must have this card) and this has other usages as well as. The other benefit of this card is maternity advantage, retirement profits and many more. 

Pension card

This card becomes important for those who get retired. Everyone has this dream of living life soothingly, but to receive that card, everyone needs this pension card. If you are an adult, for the time is now you do not need this, but if you are near the age of getting retired, then you must have this card along with yourself. 

NBI clearance

This government issued ID card has its own sort of importance which clears your identity as a noble person. It means this card is given to those who have no criminal background and you are eligible for employment. So you may apply for this card online and have it in some days. 

Wrapping up

There are many other cards as well as which has of course it has its own kind of importance and prominence. Without those cards, you will not be able to survive this world because every card has been made with a purpose. Have them (government issued id) and use them properly. 

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