Best free movie apps for Android and PC

Almost all the free streaming apps for employing their constructing media player for playing files from variety file hosting sources like torrent websites. Nowadays watching movie has become favourite and popular time pass. Because it does not entertain you and of course it gives you account about society in the form of movies. So it is very necessary you get good apps for that matter so here are super good apps which are very free to use and these apps work pretty well in PC and Androids so you a have quality of time in the company of these apps and you can download some of them and observe which one works best for you and go accordingly. So watch these suggestions given below of free movie apps for android.

Free movie apps for PC


Showbox app for movies

Showbox movies apps have more functions than other apps. It has multipliers subtitles. The best part about it is those who are an avid movie watcher then this would offer you larger library.  And you can single out your favourite genre. Or of you need to bookmark your favourite movie that can also be done with a given option in this. If you want you may even download movies and TV shows.  


MegaBox HD for android and PC

Megabox has become quiet famous these days as this app is ready to offer you so many information about the available movies like synopsis. This free movie apps for android is so good that you can keep your movie library arranged in a released date also or genre. This allows you to download the movies and there will not be any buffering meanwhile. It keeps its library updated and offers tiny app size which is just about 5MB.


Viewster for android

It gives you 1080p and 720 stream quality and so you have freedom of changing the stream quality mid video. And it has tiny small app size but it has one of demerit is that it lack variety of its content. But it has facility of history tab which let you browsing with the help of whatever you have watched.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV for android and PC

So this app would offer you to watch movie in HD quality and among free apps this one is quiet known. If you have 4.0 or higher android device, then this is perfect to your use.  It is one of fast launching app and constantly updated library.  But while using this one you must have deal with the excessive amount of ads. It is said to be the best free movie apps for android like showbox.

Cinemabox HD  

CinemaBox HD for Android

This one has Multilanguage subtitles along with children mode. So you can definitely keep it away from children.  It would also let you download movies and TV shows and there you will be able to watch it in single go. It runs very well at both the places on Androids and iOS and it does not need any kind of account, you can simply download it and watch as much as movie your heart is willing to with the support of this free movie download apps for android mobile.

Popcorn time

Popcorn time for android

As you must have understood the importance of this app, it truly justifies its name. It is very crowd pleasing free movie streaming movie.  People often call it ‘the netflix of the torrents’.  Those who have android, iOS and windows they are able in enjoying their popcorn time in the company of good movies. And it keeps its library very up to date.  So it has very fast servers and fast torrents with an offline usage.  And it takes very less battery consumption. For more information to know, you can follow here.


Snagfilms for android

This has highest quality videos available for you in 1080p and 720p. And it is very easy in using which promotes independent films and documents. This free movie apps for android has everything which you might want but it has buffer issues which are common and if you forward then it would turn into issue of breaking. And then you will have to reload that again. So, when you fast forward you will have to select lower qualities and only then it will cause you nay trouble.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV for android

You must have heard about this when it comes to see movie in a good movie app. Tubi TV is popular exceptionally and though nice to watch movies. But when you would use it you have to deal with few of its characteristics and it has outdated movies, its little bit cruel towards to battery and it has not kept popular movies.  So it has low quality videos.

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