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iOS devices are tedious to use because of their extra tightened security constraints. And, also the less availability of officials apps on the iTunes & App store. What if you have loved a YouTube video so much that you want to download it?. Well, you can always open the Safari browser and get it complete. But what if you want to record these videos and then convert them to MP3 files on your iDevice so that you can listen to them later?. Well, as a solution at your door step, a new app launch is over for both the Android and iOS devices in the name of peggo for iphone.

download and install peggo for iOS

Peggo Application for iOS Download Features

There are many reasons why one need to download peggo for iphone. Apart from being the most sought YouTube to MP3 converter in the market today. Also, there are no issues or complaints that are noticing from the users who Download Peggo For iOS and are amazingly handling it on the prefering iDevices to get hold of the audio files. If you’re looking for android version then you can download peggo apk iOS.

Important features to follow

  • The extremely user friendly interface and the smooth navigation are the two explicit reasons why people are preferring the Peggo iPhone App over the other MP3 converters.
  • The App has the quintessential ability to cut a particular part of the videos from YouTube and then convert them into MP3 files be it the simple audio files or the songs in a superior quality.
  • Apps these days claim to be rich in quality, but when we look at the output; the reality comes into the limelight. The sound gets distortion and there will be a lot of chaotic sounds embedded in between as we record the video from a portal. This is because the developers of such poor quality apps focus on the design and the decorative elements rather than focusing the sound quality.

Some other exciting features

  • Peggo iPhone App unlike those apps have expert developers with remarkable abilities. Also, they have put the algorithms in practice to make the sound quality better and higher at the same time.
  • Usually, the file size gets lower when the conversion is over. But because of the customization offered during the conversion, you can enhance the file size by enhancing the quality to make it a better version. All you will be asked is either to copy past the URL of the YouTube video or to surf the database of YouTube to get the desired video. Peggo app download is available here for android and iOS.

Download Peggo App for iOS

  • Make sure that you have a consistent internet connection before you start downloading peggo for iphone as you don’t want any choas in the middle. Launch the Safari browser on your iDevice for faster and safer download. If you want to use some other browser, you’re equally welcome.
  • Copy paste the URL of this page in the address bar or open the official website of Peggo. Yes, by entering and then wait for either of the sites to download.
  • As Peggo App is not available on the iTunes & App store, one has to download it from the website in order to get the file on the iDevice. Now, open an additional tab in the browser and search for the video that you want to convert into MP3.

Important things to follow

  • Open the video and check if it is being played before you copy the URL of this video to get the authentic file. Once you’re sure that the video is playing, copy the URL link and paste it in the blank field given for the URL in the official website of Peggo.
  • By doing this, you’re allowing peggo for iphone to detect the video file so that it gives you various downloading options to choose from. Select the option based on your net connectivity speed and bandwidth, file size and then download it with a single click. After downloading Peggo app for iPhone, the conversion takes place within minutes.
  • Once the download is over, again get back to the homepage of
  • Peggo App and there you will come across a tab displaying the message that the downloading is done. Click on the file that you have downloaded from the notifications.

Final words

As peggo for iphone does not have an inbuilt third party player. Also, one has to have an MX Player like video player installed on the iDevice to play the recorded file. You can simply or else access the file manager in order to play the media using Peggo iPhone. In case if you have any errors or issues while recording, downloading or converting the YouTube video. You can also comment in the below section so that we can get back with a suitable solution in real-time.

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