How To Fix Source Code Error In Kodi?

Think for once, after buying your Kodi media streamer and fire sticks to compliment, you sit down to stream your favourite show, but the directory source failed to load. This is agonisingly painful.

Most of you out there may have seen an error message once you select the source code. The error message is something like this- “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Do you want to add it anyway?”  Such heart wrecking error message appearance may be due to three small reasons:

  • Your internet connection is facing connectivity issues.
  • You have entered an incorrect url for source.
  • The source servers are temporarily down.

To solve this issue, let’s check for these issues in the mentioned order.

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Before you proceed, download and install IPVanish VPN software. Here’s Why-

  • This is just to be sure that the source you seek is not restricted for you due to your geographical reason or government regulations.
  • Apart from the above mentioned benefits of IPVanish, like anonymous browsing and no tracking.

After getting IPVanish, we are sure that the geographical restrictions are not an issue. So now, we have to first check your internet connection. (We all know how to do that, don’t we?).

Next up, we check if the url you have entered is correct or otherwise. For this, open your browser and enter the url. If the url opens a ZIP then it’s working, or else it will slam on your browser, ‘This site can’t be reached’ error. If you have entered a faulty url then find the right or working source url.

If the source servers are down, then it will show the ‘Site under maintenance …’ message.

Have a nice time watching the shows and movies which interest you. If you still facing problems or have not understood any of these trivial steps, then leave us a ping.

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