Firefox not responding on startup– step by step guideline for Firefox

Sometimes it happens in the case of software, so do not panic and here are some solutions for solving your issues like Firefox not responding on startup. This problem happens because of the Firefox program files. But when you will do the removing process of Firefox it will keep safe your passwords, bookmarks, or other user data and settings which will be saved in a proper separate profile folder. Or if you want you can completely reset your Firefox by following some steps. Also, you can follow for other not responding issues to fix it.

Firefox not working

Solution 1: Refresh your Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has very fast and considerable tips for using one of which is the ‘Refresh Firefox option’.  Moreover, this option helps in enabling Firefox for starting from new to fix the issues and allows for restoring the performances which would unfasten and customizations and restoring your browser settings for defaulting. Here’s how

  1. Just select the “≡” option and go to the option ‘help’
  2. Click ‘Troubleshooting information’.
  3. On the right of this page, click ‘refresh Firefox’
  4. Just read the information and proceed for ‘refreshing Firefox’

Solution 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is meant for developing the performances of the Firefox, which somehow goes the other way around. Moreover, this is one of the major reason for not working the Firefox not responding well. So you will be able to check out after hardware acceleration that Firefox is back to work again on Mac/Windows. Here are some steps where you can follow below.

Disable hardware accelerator
  1. Just go to “≡” and just pick the ‘option’
  2. Click ‘general’ and look to ‘performance’
  3. Then uncheck ‘use recommended performance settings’
  4. Uncheck ‘use hardware acceleration when its available’

Solution 3: You may delete all the doppelganger sessions restore files

Here are some steps for this particular solution if it is followed rightly then you will definitely get solution for it.

  1. visit to “≡” then to ‘help’ then to the ‘troubleshooting information’
  2. In the starting of the page, just pick up the ‘open folder’ under profile folder – application basics session store.
  3. Then you will have to restart your Firefox after following up above steps.

Solution 4: Just go for the Safe mode in Firefox

Furthermore, everyone has got exhausted by this issue of Firefox not responding on startup in a better way. So the best way to know whether it is the root cause is by employing the safe mode. For instance, here are some solutions.

  1. Launch the drop- down menu by clicking the “≡” option
  2. Go to the option on ‘help’ and troubleshooting information’
  3. Just tap on the ‘Restart with supplement Disabled’
  4. Just click ‘Restart’ in the popup and then you will have to go on the ‘start in safe mode’
  5. see whether the issue persevere still
  6. At last, just remove the issued supplement

Solution 5: You may create a fresh places database

There are rumors about Firefox that Firefox not responding on startup is periodic which is common for all and it comes randomly. This happens because of an extremely corrupted places database. So you will have to create a space for the database which will be corrupted free and good amount of space will be there. But when you will do this your whole browsing history will be automatically removed. So follow up these steps –

  1. Click  “≡” and go to ‘help’
  2. Select ‘Troubleshooting information’
  3. Then click ‘Open folder’ under the ‘profile folder’ in the ‘Application basics’ section.
  4. Then just situate and rename ‘places.Sqlite’ to ‘places.sqlite.old’ and ‘places.sqlite- journal’ to ‘places.sqlite- journal.old’ if it exists.
  5. Finally, reopen Mozilla Firefox.


Above solution will be enough for solving the major issues like Firefox not responding on startup and you can single out according to your comfort because all are very good solutions and they would help you pretty well. But even after reading these solutions you get confused and do not understand then there are other options to you can go for YouTube where you can watch the solutions and understand it in a more specific way. Although, the above solutions will make you understand everything from tip to toe.

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