How To Download & Use dSploit APK On Android?

 dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system. It is a set of comprehensive tools which can be used by anyone in order to perform a number of advanced networks related tasks.

A network-attached computer can be prevailed by your presence and intercepted with your will in a number of ways. For example, you can completely block all internet traffic on the computer. You can also cause havoc with friends or family by replacing all the video files that appear on every web page on a computer with another video file of your choice.

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There are more powerful functions like sniffing and password hacking that helps to enter into the manipulative things and obstruct with the things you analyse and capture. Network scanning is also one of the pioneers developed with the help of DSploit android app. It helps in identifying the operating system, running services and open ports on each device, as well as checking them for vulnerabilities.

dsploit apk


  • Android version 2.3 Gingerbread or higher.
  • The Android device which you are using must be rooted beforehand.
  • The device must have BusyBox and Supersu installed.
  • The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed (not the partial installation).


  • Steal Passwords
  • Hijack A session
  • Replace All the images on a Website
  • Usability and User Interfaces

Modules Available On dSploit and Tutorials

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1.Router PWN

It is basically a webpage that gives the user a cd of ready to control local and distant exploits. Launch the service to pwn your router. The router PWN module opens an advance that can help to peep into the vulnerabilities prevailing with the

How To Use Router PWN :

  1. Launch the service to pwn your router.
  2. It will show you the list of ready to run local and remote exploits when you tap on the target router window.
  3. You have the access to exploit each and every exploit on the target router.


You can make a traceroute of the target and see where your packets go before they reach it. It is basically used to identify intermediate router/device is responsible for the connection that is present. You will be able to find the speed as well as the IP addresses.

How To Use Trace:

  1. Tap on the Trace option.
  2. Tap on the start button.
  3. After tapping it will show you target’s IP address and response time.

3.Port Scanner

You can make a quick scan of the ports of the target. From version 1.0.29b I helped to implement the possibility of scan only custom ports. Thus it basically helps to identify habit in ports without establishing a relationship referred as half-open scanning.

How To Use Port Scanner:

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  1. Tap on port scanner option.
  2. Tap on “start after you enter the port scanner option.
  3. It will display the open port along with the service.


This module can give you more information of the target like OS, Device Type and services opened. That is, it allows you to detect set sights i.e. Operating system and facilities. It is slower than port scanning.

How To Use Inspector:

  1. First tap on Inspector.
  2. Then tap on “start” button.
  3. It will display target information such as operating system, services, and device type.

5.Vulnerability finder

After successfully having made an Inspector scan by using this you can see if the services opened have some known vulnerabilities.

How To Use Vulnerability Finder:

  1. First, you should run Inspector to identify target’s services.
  2. Tap on “Vulnerability Finder”.
  3. Then tap into search.
  4. Known vulnerability for target running services will be displayed.

6.Login Cracker

You can try a bruteforce or a dictionary attack against common services like SSH, telnet, VNC, etc. You can easily crack admin password for many services. It is very fast.

How To Use Login Cracker:

  1. Tap on Login cracker it will open up a window.
  2. You can fine-declare the foster, harbor number, vibes set, username and password length.
  3. It as well as provides options for dictionary assault “Users word list” and “Password word list”.
  4. Then tap “START” button. It will display the legal username and password.

7.Packet Forger

This module can forge custom packets to send to the target. Hence, it allows you to build and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the seeker.

How To Use Packet Forger:

  1. Tap on “Packet Forger”.
  2. As you can see in the image, you can change the protocol, port, and the packet.
  3. A single tap on the “Request” side will open the default text editor.
  4. Craft your custom packet and send it to the target.

8.MITM (Man In The Middle Attack)

The man in the middle module is the most useful and give you a lot of possibilities It has several useful tools such as Simple Sniff, Password Sniffer, Session Hijacker, Kill Connections, Redirect, Replace Images, Replace Videos, Script Injection and Custom Filter.

9.Simple Sniff

It just sniffs all data on the network and gives you the possibility to save them on a pcap file. It redirects the target’s traffic through your device to get some stats about target’s traffic.

How To Use Simple Sniff:

  1. First, tap on “Simple Sniff” tool.
  2. Below window appears: (Dialogue box saying” Do you want to save sniffed traffic to a pcap file”).
  3. Tap upon “Yes”.
  4. Tap the “Start” button. It will begin to display the all the sniffing stats.

10.Password Sniffer

It lists for all password of some common services, imap, telnet, etc.Services which it offers http, ftp, imap, irc, msn and many more.

How To Use Password Sniffer:

  1. The first tap on “password sniffer” tool.
  2. Then tap on “start”.
  3. It will start to display the sniffed passwords from the target.

11.Session Hijacker

This is a really powerful module which gives you the possibility of sniff cookie and hijacks the session and opens them on a browser who inject the cookie sniffed. It now also works also on https connection. You can also steal session cookies of victim’s web profile and then gain access to victim’s web account without the password.

How To Use Session Hijacker:

  1. Tap on Session Hijacker option.
  2. Tap on “Start” button.
  3. It will display sessions from the target.
  4. Tap on the target session will display a dialogue box saying “Stop sniffing and start session hijacking?”.
  5. Then tap on “Yes”.
  6. It will open up the victim’s web profile on your android phone without username and password.

12.Kill Connections

This just kills all connections made by the target to any address outside and inside the network. It permits you to block the target from accessing any website or server.

How To Use Kill Connections:

  1.  You just have to tap on “Kill connections”.


It is very simple and easy as you can redirect all http connections to a custom address.f the target is trying to visit a website (HTTP)  you can redirect him/her to another website like for some phishing purpose.

How To Use Redirect:

  1. Tap on “Redirect”.
  2. Type the IP address of a website in the Address bar.
  3. Then tap very about “OK”.

14.Replace Images

It is as simple as the name says. It replaces all images of the web page with a custom one.

How To Use Replace Images:

  1. Tap on Replace Images.
  2. Select an option “Local Images” or “Web URL”.
  3. Select Gallery and then select an image.
  4. Enter the URL of the image and then tap “OK”.

15.Replace Videos

It is same as the one before but this replaces YouTube videos on a specified webpage.

How To Use Replace Videos:

  1. Tap on Replace videos
  2. Enter the URL of the video in the window and with tap upon “OK”.

16.Script Injection

It is a useful module which injects any JS code into any web page of the target.This allows an invader to inject a malicious JavaScript in web pages. The DSploit JavaScript injections are also identified on the top list.

How To Use Script Injection:

  1. Tap on the Script Injection option.
  2. Choose a method, you can choose a JavaScript file or write some code.
  3. Tap on the “Custom Code”.
  4. Edit the code and then tap on “OK” button.

17.Customer Filter

It is the last module that can replace all text with custom one, you can also use regex to select text.

How To Use Custom Filter:

  1. Tap on the “Custom Filter” option.
  2. Fill up the form that appears.
  3. Then tap on “OK”, it will replace websites text with specified text.

Sniffing Part

The app has a built-in proxy server which is used by the app to change a inject data.
There is also a second service in the app which is very important, it strips the connections from https to http authenticating the client just one time and sniff the data. Another important thing of the app is that is totally OpenSource and anyone can contribute. Start Contributing.

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What Are The Other Options Available On dSploit?

  • A plus button(+)
  • A refresh button
  • A WiFi button.
  • Recent tasks key

A plus button (+): It allows you to add a custom target. You can enter an URL, hostname or IP address in the field (see the image below). After entering it, tap on the “OK” button to add the target in the current session.

A refresh button:  It refreshes the current session.

A WiFi Button: Wi-Fi button allows you to select the target network.

Recent Task Keys: On tapping on it the following options are displayed.

  • New Session: For starting a new session.
  • Save session: For saving the current session.
  • Restore session: For opening a saved session.
  • Settings: Opens a panel of additional settings. Here, you can enable or disable SSL stripping. This is really cool. Isn’t it?
  • Start Network Monitor/Stop Network Monitor: For starting or stopping network monitoring process.

How To Download dSploit Apk?

Important: BEFORE INSTALLING THE APPLICATION, PLEASE GO TO “SETTINGS”, SELECT “SECURITY” AND MAKE SURE “UNKNOWN SOURCE” IS CHECKED. The application is developed by skilled developers who have not put this application on the Google Play Store and decide to manage it independently. After enabling that option on your device, it intimates that you have got app permission from your Android device in order to download many apps and games from third-party websites on your smart mobile.

    1. On your Android device, find settings
    2. Find Unknown Sources and Enable this option.
    3. Download it from here:
    4. Go to file manager on your Android device and find the APK file of this app after it has been successfully downloaded.
    5. Simply tap on it to open.
    6. Finally hit “Install”.
    7. The installation will probably take only a couple of seconds.
    8. Deploy your application from your app drawer.

Important Links – dSploit apk download official website – GitHub web page(Contribute) – evilsocket blog

Thank You for reading the post. If you face any issue do comment in the comments section. Feel free to write. We will be happy to solve the bugs.

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