Download Aero-TV App For iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Can you imagine a day without television; well, I can’t.  Television has become an indispensable part of our life, from education to entertainment, television has stored in everything. But, you cannot sit the whole day digging your eyes on the TV screen and keep on hogging potato chips. Thanks to the advent of the internet, we have many things in place which have emerged as a popular replacement to the traditional television. Well, Aero TV iOS is absolutely easy to access.

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Since the app is free to use, ads are bound to trouble you while streaming TV shows. If you’re the guy/girl who would rather sign up somewhere with monthly fees, then you shall check out this awesome list of TV streaming apps for Android.Using those apps would ensure you a seamless experience.

download aero tv app for iOS

Stream movies and TV shows

These online apps Aero TV iOS and websites are a great way to watch your favourite films and television shows on the go. All you need is the right app and a good internet connection, and you can enjoy your favourite film or TV show, whenever and wherever you want.  In this blog, I will be highlighting about the AERO TV APP. it’s a great app for live streaming of movies and television shows.

Easy to watch television

Watching TV on mobile phones have become a trend and this has also given rise to apps which enable you to watch television online. AERO TV APP is a wunderkind in this field and has become one of my favourites these days. So, here I will be discussing the AERO TV App and how can you download it on your iOS device.

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Although the final version of Aero TV iOS has been released for iPod, iPhone or iPad, but we have the beta version has already created a huge buzz in the market. It’s free of cost feature has made it gain instant popularity and there are features like free streaming making it take the world by storm.

Features Of AERO TV APP

  • As mentioned above, it’s an app to watch movies and TV shows. The app is present in the beta version and offers live streaming free of cost.
  • Most of the premium and free TV channels are available for free.
  • The shows are arranged in the tiled interface making it easy for you to choose your favourite from the league of all the channels.
  • User-friendly interface is yet another feature which makes AERO TV APP so popular. Seamless navigation and easy search have made this app a hit amongst its users.
  • As discussed users can stream most of the tv series using Aero TV app. But if you’re looking to brwose movies then I would recommend the Kohi movie app.

How To Download & Install AERO TV APP?

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In order to download the app Aero TV iOS, you need to follow the following steps-

  • To begin the download, you need first download the Tutu helper
  • After this, you need to launch the application.
  • Once you have launched Tutu helper, you need to go to the search bar and type AERO TV
  • Tap on the GET tab and your AERO APP will begin to download.
  • It will take a minute or two to download this app but, you cannot immediately use it.
  • To verify the developer certificate, go to the SETTINGS and then to PROFILE AND MANAGEMENT. Here you need to select the correct certificate. You will be shown the option, TRUST or DON’T TRUST. Click on the TRUST tab and you are good to go.

Tap the app and you will be welcomed to the whole new world of series of favourite channels. Click on the one which you want and enjoy the show.

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