Canon Printer not responding – Find common issues

We would like to inform that there are many types or models of Canon printer available in the market. Choosing the best model is a toughest job. Depending upon your requirements, you can match the best one for your home or commercial usage. You can select whether the printer can be wired or wireless connection. Most of the people prefer for Wireless connection type printer to avoid the complexity. Canon Pixma Pro 100S is the best wired connection Canon printer and Canon Pixma E470 is the best wireless connection printer. Moreover, we can see why Canon Printer not responding due to various errors or issues. At last, the few common issues in Canon printers are as follows:

  • Blank Page printing
  • Error E13
  • Error 306
  • Error 5700
  • Wireless Connection issues with the printer

Let us discuss in more detail on how to rectify the above mentioned error messages.

Canon printer not working

Blank Page Printing

If you are trying to print a text document or any sort of image, the printer might print a blank page instead of printing the content. Furthermore, this sort of issue may error due to several reasons like low ink, the product itself or the printer settings. Before checking the product, please ensure that the printer settings are fine as before and any changes are modified now.

After checking the printer settings, please check the printer ink and confirm that it was refilled. Also, if possible please try cleaning the printer’s head and check whether the issue was resolving by try printing a test page. We would like to inform that you can use “Alcohol” for cleaning the printer head. For instance, this will help to clean any blocked print heads on your printer and allow flowing the ink properly while printing.

Even after following the above steps and still the issue persists then the cause could be printer product itself. You need to contact the Canon printer Support Team to service the printer. In order to check about more essential information, you can also follow here.

Error E13:

The above mentioned error could occur if the ink cartridges on your printer are out of ink. Please replace the old ink cartridges with the new one and try printing a test page. Furthermore, while replacing a new one, please ensure that you are using the recommended ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer product.

Error 306:

This error occurs while you are trying to print from a MAC computer. Please find below the steps to resolve the “Error 306” message:

  • Please click on “Apple Icon” (which is available at the top left of your Monitor screen)
  • Then click on System Preferences.
  • Click on Printer and Faxes.
  • After that, if you are able to see a Padlock (Lock Symbol near to your preferred printer) that is Locked.
  • You need to click on it and enter your MAC computer password and then click on Ok button.
  • Then click on Minus (“-”) symbol to remove the printer from your printers list.
  • Click on Plus (“+”) symbol to again add the same printer to your printers list.
  • Finally, please ensure that you are leaving all the options as Default.

Moreover, you can try printing a test page to the same printer.

Error 5700 (Service Error Occurred):

If you are looking for a query, “how to fix canon printer not responding”, then please follow the below steps to resolve the “Error 5700 – Service Error Occurred” message:

  • Please turn-off your printer.
  • Then unplug the power cable from the printer.
  • Next, open-up your printer cover.
  • Please check if there is any white polystyrene or orange color protective tape is available.
  • If so, please remove the tape.
  • Also, ensure that there are any other objects or materials present inside the printer and remove them.
  • After confirming that nothing is available inside the printer, then please close the printer cover.
  • You can plug the power cable back and turn on the printer.

Please try printing a test page and check for the issue Canon Printer not responding.

Wireless Connection issues with the printer

In fact, most of the issues with the Canon Wireless printer are the communication lack between the printer and the computer.  Again, you can give a try by restarting the Wireless Router, Printer and as well as the computer. Moreover, If you are able to identify the communication issue then please try removing the printer from the printer’s list and again add the printer by using the Installation CD (which was provided by the manufacturer).

You can also check whether your printer is properly connecting to the Wireless Network, please try printing a Wireless Network Print Test page and see if it is printing the same. You can print the Test page from the printer’s control panel. Next, few printers were provided with an option of directly printing the Test page by clicking on the “Wireless” button.


As a result, we would like to inform that whether your printer model is Wired or Wireless connection, please perform any task after disconnecting the printer from the power cable and check for the issues like Canon Printer not responding.

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