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We all love to watch movies or TV series during our leisure or to kill boredom. Besides watching movies in theatres or watching TV series in our television, the internet users more preferably like to watch them online through a number of online video streaming websites. 1Movies is one of the leading website to watch free online movies or TV shows. Shall we now learn more about this platform?

1movies site

Description about 1Movies website

User interface

One of the best features which help in gaining at most popularity of 1Movies online free is that its spectacular user interface. The user interface is quite simple and also elegant in such a way that even a novice user can easily watch movies or TV series online from this website without any difficulty.

Easy access

The posters of the movie which are available for online streaming inside #1Movies are displayed as thumbnail in the home page itself. Further, these movie posters specify the name of the movie along with the year of its release. Additionally, the poster also shows the movie rating along with the quality of the movie print namely high definition or cam.


When the user moves the mouse over any particular thumbnail representing the movie, additional popup window opens up describing many other details. The details include the country in which the movie was released and the genre of the movie. Along with the IMDb rating of the movie and year of its release, the total time for movie length is specified in the same window. The user can directly click on watch now button to watch that particular movie online in the 1 movies se website.

Video player

Clicking on watch now button redirects to a new page and video player is displayed with regular video controls like ok play, pause, forward, rewind etc. Secondly, the user can also watch the movie in 4K for free. Furthermore, when the user clicks on the turn off light button, the page entirely darkens to provide real movie effect. This feature is quite useful when the users try watching the movie during night from the 1Movies. Along with the option of streaming the movie in HD quality, downloading in HD quality is also possible by clicking on download in HD button. Finally on scrolling down the movie page, the user can find the thumbnails of other movies suggested by the 1movies website for watching.


The other categories which are present in the homepage of 1 movies website is ‘all movies TV series, movie genre, tv genre, country, top IMDB movie and top IMDB TV’. All movies category provides the entire list of the movies which are available for online streaming in this website. Around 32 movies are displayed in a single page. So many pages are available which can be navigated easily. Similarly on clicking the TV series category the users can see the entire list of all TV series available with this website. Along with the rating of TV series, the season number and its corresponding episode number are also displayed on the thumbnail.


The Category movie genre in 1Movies site possesses around 25 genres in it. By clicking on the name of each genre, the collections pertaining to that particular genre are displayed for the user to choose. The movie genres available are ‘action, mythological, ski-fi, thriller, horror, animation, costume drama, TV show, musical, psychological, sitcom, war, history, biography, crime, family, mystery, romance, sport, Kung fu, adventure, comedy, documentary and finally fantasy. Similarly the category TV genre also contains the above specified different types of genre collections in them.


When the user clicks on the category country they can see the collections filtered corresponding to their country. The names of the filter available under category country are Asia, India, Thailand, France, Korea, international, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom. Additionally, this feature helps in targeting a particular group of people who like to watch their country movies online.


The users who like to watch only top rated movies online can very well click on the category namely top IMDB movie. Further, in this category only the movies which are rated more than eight by IMDB are displayed. Additionally, the category top IMDB TV also displays the TV series which are rated high by the users.

Search options

In 1Movies website, the user can even directly search the movie or TV series by typing its name in the search bar present in the upper right corner of the webpage. This further helps in saving time for the users. Moreover, there are subscription options which are present at the bottom of the homepage of 1 movies website. The user can enter their email address and click on the subscribe button to receive updates on the newly added movies or TV series or even newsletter from 1Movies team. Finally, there are always chances of movies or TV series getting removed from the online streaming sites like 1Movies because of copyright issues.


Of course all the users hate ads. Ads spoil the watching experience of the users. To prevent those ads from bothering, the users can opt for a premium membership at a very minimal price. Further membership offers other benefits like improvement in video quality, servers that are fast streaming etc.


Though there are so many alternative to 1movies website, this website leads the other online streaming websites by offering enormous collection of videos online. It is a must try for the users who like to spend their evening watching movies or TV series of their choice.

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