Get 2GB Free Storage On Baidu Yun Drive [2017]

What is Baidu? Why they give a huge amount of space? How to claim 2TB space without knowing the Chinese language? All the answer to your question is here.

Baidu is one of the main web services company in China. Due to its fame, Baidu competes with Google. Now they are offering 2 TB permanently free cloud storage space throughout the life. The storage service is Baidu Yun or Baidu Cloud which give you unlimited bandwidth for upload and download the data.

The question arises in our mind that why this much massive amount of online space as an offer? It is due to China’s cloud storage ‘war,’ that’s why the service providers give 10 to 25 TB of storage space as the attraction to catch the users in their system.

Your files are not private or secure after all. They may hack, but don’t NSA do the same? All the servers are commonly in China; the speed may be slower. But you can always use online conversion service to perform conversion on the fly.

free storage on baidu yun drive

If we make a fair comparison the Google Drive is charging $9.99 per month for 1TB of cloud storage space, Dropbox charge $ 9.99 per month and Microsoft OneDrive / office 365 costs $6.99/month for 1TB cloud space.

If your pocket is hot enough to unlock more superior storage then OneDrive for business can fulfil your cloud storage demands at an affordable rates. If you need storage space your windows apps along with data then you can easily go for windows virtual desktop from a hosted desktop as a service provider to unleash the power of cloud storageIn case of Baidu Cloud, (that is Baidu web disk, Baidu drive or Baidu pan) along with space allows many innovative features, like offline downloading. Baidu Pan can download any files via BitTorrent, eD2K, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP automatically and transfer it to the Baidu Pan Cloud storage directly. There is no need to stay online. Even can play or stream your stuff directly from the cloud.


How To Get 2GB Free Storage On Baidu Yun Drive?

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Here are the step to register for Baidu Account with 2 TB, i.e., 2053 GB Free Web Drive Storage Space

Step 1:

First Sign up and create an account on Baidu at ‘’.

In first box Enter email address, in the second password and third write the Captcha. Then click on the blue “Register” button.

Step 2:

A confirmation email is sent to your email-id. By opening the link in the URL, verify your email and complete the registration process.

Step 3:

Download and install the Baidu Yun app: for android manual installation of APK is required.

For iPhone go the link: ’’.

iPad users go to the following link:


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Step 4:

Open the Baidu Yun mobile application.

Select blue “Log In” button.

Now sign into the account with the registered email id and password. Then, select the blue rectangle button of “Login.”


Go to the ‘’ to confirm your claim of the additional 2 TB (2048 GB) of cloud storage. Click on the red “Claim 2048G” button. That’s it. Now enjoy your free 2 TB cloud space for free.

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