Fix error “application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware”

This error which happens many times on your Windows 10 PC which gets denied of accessing graphics hardware and the popup message says that the application has been blocked in your PC from accessing graphics hardware. One of the main reasons when your PC is stuck which may happen when you are playing a game suppose when the application trying to access the graphics driver misconfiguration which occurs. Most of the time this error application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware occurs when the users need to open a video game or a browser, let us see some few methods to fix this problem.

application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware

1. Uninstall and reinstall the graphics card driver

Initially try for this method if you find any error has been occurred and the best way to download the latest driver is from OEM site and then you have to search on the website by using the details on your graphics card name and then you can uninstall and then again reinstall the drivers while installing you have to be sure that you have to run the program compatibility mode for Windows 10. For other issues to fix, you can also follow here.

2. Run the hardware devices troubleshooter

Windows has been inbuilt tool in order to troubleshoot any hardware devices for that under settings option go to update and security in that choose troubleshoot when you run this problem in which the application can fix this will help to use the hardware device troubleshooter.

3. Graphics access to graphics hardware to applications

In this method Windows 10 graphics will not allow you to dedicate applications in order to use a graphics card so that go to specific option under settings select display and then go to graphic settings.

4. Run system file checker and DISM commands

Sometimes application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware  problem occur if you have corrupted or if you have any damage the system files on your Windows PC. Some steps to recover your systems are

app blocked issue
  • Initially type CMD in the search box from the start menu and then right click the command prompt and then select the run as administrator.
  • Then next step click yes when the user account control is prompted.
  • Then type sfc/scan now and then press enter and then wait for the scanning process which will take few minutes check to complete till hundred percentage.
  • Then type the following commands and then press enter
  • DISM.exe/ online / cleanup-image /scan health
  • DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/Restore health
  • And then when you run windows 10 and check if it works.

5. Replace your RAM

Sometimes this issue will be one of the most difficult one and it might happen to be solved by the simple issue by replacing the RAM. For instance, you have to make sure that you get the same type of RAM of your PC or laptop and then just replace it.

6. Properly see your graphics card

Sometimes this problem application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware can be solved when the graphics card which is not inserted in its original position somewhere or the another it may not be fixed in properly so see your laptop or PC just fix the side and then open the unit and you make sure that whether if your graphics card is fitted perfectly or not.

7. Clean the fan which is inside your PC

The fan plays the important part in your PC because its performance is directly affecting to your device. If there is a lot of dust and dirt are accumulated in the blades so the flow of air which will diminish and will also lead to overheating of your computer and this may automatically create an issue in your computer so the graphics card can perform in order to prevent overheating so for that use the vacuum cleaner in order to pick all the dust particles and then open your PC of sometimes you some cotton buds to clean the dust particles.

Moreover, this is one of the major issues which are occuring in your PC by using above these methods any one of the methods will surely help you to recover from this error.

However it is not so difficult to fix this error just by simply running the Windows system you can find the missing corrupt file systems which are related to the graphics card and application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware solved then surely any one of the method will help you to recover, some time delay in recovering will happen so only you have to bare those time delays.

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