Download Allcast Premium APK For Android

Android phones have occupied a huge crowd all over the world. And with the rise of Smart TVs, it has become even more fun for people to stream the content of smartphone on TV. This has led to a need of software or application which can bridge the gap and facilitate this streaming. Allcast premium is one such app for android, which can help the users stream content from android smartphone to TV. We are here going to show you how Allcast premium app works and you can download Allcast premium apk as well.

allcast premium app

The free version of the Allcast app has very limited features which make no sense. It is almost like just letting you install the app. You can stream content from android to TV for 5 minutes. Seriously?? 5 min!! Hence, I recommend everyone to try the AllCast premium app which will surely give you a great experience.

Features Of AllCast Premium App

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  1. With AllCast Premium, you can stream content to almost all the popular smart TVs and devices. The list includes Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung, Sony & Panasonic Smart TVs. I don’t know from which planet you belong from if you’re using any other Smart TV than I just listed, unless you’re using PS4.
  2. No advertisements to irritate you. Along with the fact that you don’t get to stream much in the free version, you’re also subjected to load os advertisements.

How To Download AllCast Premium App?

Before I proceed, I would like to add a disclaimer that the file which I’m going to link is a pirated version and hence you’re not being ethical by downloading and using it. Don’t crib on me now, that was just a duty I was obliged to. The strings are in your hands.

  1. You’ll find a download button on this link.
  2. Download the AllCast Premium apk and install it.

How To Use AllCast Premium App?

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  1. Make sure that both your TV & smartphone are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Now open the AllCast app.
  3. Search for networks.
  4. Once you find your TV, select it and let them connect.
  5. Now select any audio, video or image file from AllCast app.
  6. Play the file and watch it on your TV.

We hope you’ll enjoy the time with AllCast app streaming content on TV. Let us know if face any issues while using the Allcast premium app. Peace!

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