9 Simple Hacks on iOS That Will Elevate Your iPhone Experience

A salient feature that has always drawn customers to iOS is its simple and intuitive design. The UI is clean, light, and demands very little from users. For these reasons, the iPhone continues to remain—by and large—the most popular smartphone in the market today.

Although iOS is perhaps the most user-friendly compared to its rivals, there are a few hidden hacks and tricks that enable you to get even more out of your Apple iPhone experience. You may very well be surprised that these functionalities are even possible. But try them out once—and you will see how they can be incredibly useful.

Let’s dive into these simple hacks that you can try on your iOS device.

Ensure that your device is secure

First of all, you should make sure that the device is secure. Since there are quite a few different threats you may encounter, you need to create a strategy to avoid potential problems.

According to https://setapp.com/how-to/10-tips-on-how-to-protect-your-iphone, one of the best ways to improve the iPhone’s security is to create a stronger passcode and enable two-factor authentication.

Ignoring shady websites, email attachments, and using private browsing are worth a shout as well.

Take a screenshot of an entire webpage on Safari

Ever wondered how you can screenshot the entire length of a webpage? Instead of taking multiple screenshots for different scroll lengths, follow this hack to get the entire screenshot without any hassle.

Take your screenshot as you normally would. Click on the thumbnail on the bottom left that allows you to annotate. Open it up and click on the Full Page tab on the top right corner. You will be able to see the entire length of the webpage that you can scroll through to include in the screenshot. And note that you don’t have to scroll through the page while you take the screenshot.

Record your screen in real time with ease

Record your screen in real time with ease

If you wish to screen-record something as you use your iPhone, note that you don’t have to download an external third-party app to do so. Head to Settings and then go to the Control Center. Under the More Controls section, click on the green colored plus sign to enable Screen Recording. You will see it now in the Included Controls Section. Now just swipe down to view your Control Center and begin recording your screen. 

You also have the option to record your voice as you do so to include a voice-over. If you wish to disable this function, long press the Screen Recording button, and you can stop any external audio.

Enable Screen Broadcast directly into different applications

As we’re on the topic of Screen Recording, there’s an additional function that you can do with this iOS feature.

Say you want to live-broadcast your screen to your colleagues or friends during meetings on Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. Or even a social-networking application like Tik-Tok. How would you go about doing this?

It’s really simple—all you have to do is long-press the Screen Recording button—which gives you an additional option to begin your broadcast. After this, select which application you want to share the recording on.

Move multiple applications all at once 

If you want to move multiple applications all at once—select one app till you can see that it begins to wiggle. Select other applications that you would like to move along with by tapping on them. You would see that the selected application number will get added up on the top-left corner of the first app icon that you chose. Now all you have to do is simply drag this to the desired location.

Create text replacements in order to quickly send repeatedly typed messages

If you find yourself repeatedly texting the same phrases like “In a meeting. Will call once I’m done” or “Call me in 5 minutes?” you don’t have to type out the entire text string. For doing this, simply go to Settings→General→Keyboard. Go to text replacement. You will now see two fields where you can type the exact phrase that you want to be replaced and type in the shortcut for it as well. 

Move any unknown caller to silent notifications

Is this scenario similar: you’re in that all-important team meeting but are constantly distracted by a steady stream of spam calls? If yes, there’s a trick to get around this issue.

Head on over to Settings→Phone, and choose the Silence Unknown Callers option. By doing this, you’re telling iOS that any phone number that isn’t on your contact list, Siri Suggestions, or recently called list will be moved into voicemail. You will receive a silent notification saying that you received the call, and the history will be moved into the recently called list. 

Note that if you’re someone who will be expecting calls from unknown numbers (for instance, if you work in a sales-related role at a company), it’s ideal to use a dedicated separate SIM Card for this purpose. 

Hang up on a call without looking impolite or rude

Hang up on a call without looking impolite or rude

This is a neat little trick that you can do when you want to hang up on a call but don’t want to because it’s rude. When you cut the call as you normally would end a phone call (by clicking on the red telephone button), it tells the person at the other end that you did exactly that. However, if you switch on airplane mode when you’re in the call, it appears as though the call was cut off due to external factors. 

Toggle off Genius to improve speed and reduce data consumption

If you find that iTunes is slow and is consuming a lot of your mobile data—turn off the Genius feature. 

Genius sends your iTunes data to Apple from time to time so that it can curate more personalized playlists for music listeners. If you find this unnecessary and want to make your iTunes experience more seamless, simply turn the toggle off Genius.

You can do this by going to the App Store→Featured→View Apple ID. Enter your details and toggle off Genius For Apps. 

On a related note, if you’re experiencing issues with iTunes backup, consider learning about iTunes backup password recovery. You cannot know when the feature might come in handy.

So that’s it—with a few neat little tricks, you get greater functionalities and a smoother UX. We hope that these nine tips will improve your iOS experience as you use your iPhone.

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